Java Programming Tutorial – 46 – Static

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40 responses to “Java Programming Tutorial – 46 – Static”

  1. Kenneth Milota Avatar

    Programming pervert style.

  2. Sou'ram infos Avatar

    when i run the program, it gives me this result , and i don't know why the first and the second name are null .
    constructor for null null ,the members in the club 1
    constructor for null null ,the members in the club 2
    constructor for null null ,the members in the club 3

    i need your help !!

  3. Camilo Fava Avatar

    Really good video, thank you !

  4. iKostanCom Avatar

    Wow, this is awesome tutorials, just listen to 5:47 … 🙂

  5. ManOFSteel Avatar

    41 feminists triggered.

  6. Mulberry 3D Music Avatar

    this is the weirdest programming tut i have ever watched

  7. DMAX ONE Avatar

    Make sure you spell it wrong hahahaha…

  8. shizyninjarocks Avatar

    This is the first explanation that actually makes sense. THANKY SPANKY!!!

  9. Captain Angry Avatar

    whats the difference between that and a regular int member then?

  10. Yura Er Avatar

    package bucky;
    import java.util.Scanner;
    import java.util.EnumSet;
    import java.util.Random;
    class apples {
    public static void main(String args[]){
    tuna member1 = new tuna("Megan", "Fox");
    tuna member2 = new tuna("Natalie", "Portman");


  11. C Liviu Avatar


  12. Hüseyin Fadullah Güngör Avatar

    For those who doesn't understand why we used static term::: Everytime we call constructor we want to member increase. If we don't put static in front of it, first time we call it it will be 1 before printing so it will say member=1, but when we create second object. Member will be again 0, then when it goes to constructor in it, it will increase to 1 again, so it doesn't count how we want. It starts from zero, but we want number increase from where we left.
    I hope this helps.

  13. Thiago Farias Avatar

    hottie with a body cutie with booty hahah 🙂 . Great lesson. Thank you.

  14. AJD Avatar

    i actually googled Natalie before he told me to do so. LOL

  15. Heli Copter Avatar

    Arigato Roberts-Sensei!

  16. Sunny s Avatar

    Where can I get good Java practice exercises in Topic wise format along with solutions ?
    Is there a website ?

  17. John Smith Avatar

    I'm confused, he could have just set that integer to public right?

  18. videovulcan Avatar

    Natalie Roberts.
    Megan Roberts,
    Scarlett Roberts,
    Taylor Roberts,
    Roberts Roberts.
    ROB US
    ROB ME

    Only fools and horses…

  19. Kamil Bolka Avatar

    Good explanation mate

  20. RoidzGaming Avatar

    I love this guy lol

  21. Brawl726 Avatar

    Are constructor and method the same thing? Please clarify the difference. Thank you.

  22. SkylarLynn Edits Avatar

    If you want to date Megan Fox, Natalie Portman, or Taylor Swift. It might me be useful not to call them "Tuna"

  23. trueth1468 Avatar

    who else googles natalie portman??

  24. Arash K70 Avatar

    Natalie portman is not hot bro

  25. Kostas Lek Avatar

    How can i create an equivalent program without the use of the static variable? What should i put into the method?

  26. wane kill Avatar

    For anyone who is confused why we should use the static… just remove the static keyword and run it as a normal private global variable – cheers!

  27. FLy1nRabBit Avatar

    "Make sure you spelled it wrong."
    > lmao

  28. Lion Power Avatar

    watched this video and then google searched to know who Natalie Portman is, watched No Strings Attached and it is awesome 😐 and gotta watch the 48th tutorial 😐 😐

  29. Dubis Avatar

    B-But couldn't you just do this?:

    class orange{
    public static void main(String[] args){
    int memnum = 0;
    String member[] = new String[3];
    member[0]="Megan Fox";
    System.out.println(member[0] + " joined, members in the club:" + memnum);

    member[1]="Natalie Portman";
    System.out.println(member[1] + " joined, members in the club:" + memnum);

    member[2]="Taylor Swift";
    System.out.println(member[2] + " joined, members in the club:" + memnum);

  30. puru Avatar

    Hang on, I just realized how similar you sound to videogamedunkey. Holy crap.

  31. Nick Palmer Avatar

    "If you don't know who that is, definitely google it" Im crying here.

  32. Nick O Avatar

    These are the best tutorials on youtube for learning java

  33. raducamman Avatar

    OMG! He just gave 3 objects women names. How come feminists haven't brought hell to him?

  34. Eugene Kuzmov Avatar

    how can it count how many people are in the club?

  35. GTdapoonk Avatar

    How does it know to print 3 times?

  36. You're mom Avatar

    Half of the reason i watch these is to laugh

  37. Said Sel-lam Avatar

    dont give up Bucky! one day you will go out with a famous one

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