Java Programming Tutorial – 55 – Intoduction to Polymorphism

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43 responses to “Java Programming Tutorial – 55 – Intoduction to Polymorphism”

  1. Manu Chaudhary Avatar

    you are the best. Your lectures are excellent.

  2. Afzal Ozil Avatar

    And you teach with passion and heart that's what people love about you!

  3. Afzal Ozil Avatar

    Man! You are like the best Teacher ever!!

  4. jonyleo500 Avatar

    We believe you BUCKY

    This is T-shirt golden material!

  5. Deepesh singh Avatar

    if we define method as public the polymorphism don't work. WHY

  6. Code World Avatar

    I love the Chiku bum bum chiki chiki bum bum lol

  7. LMNOP Avatar

    This looks like its from 1999

  8. Panagiotis P Avatar

    amazing job;
    The reason i starded love Java and programming is you !!!

  9. Snuggle Avatar

    helpful example.

  10. cuxnt Avatar

    you sound like walt jr.

  11. mario hernandez Avatar

    Your content is great man, but clean up your style a little!
    Class Apples {
    public static void main( String[] args ) {
    Food bucky = new Food[2];
    bucky[ 0 ] = new Tuna();
    bucky[ 1 ] = new PotPie();
    for ( int i = 0; i < buck.length; ++i ) {
    buck[ i ].eat();

  12. waqar shah Avatar

    bucky i wish you were a nigger anyways your tutorials are great.

  13. Malak Khashogji Avatar

    does the toString method over power the override method when you call class them in the main class what should execute first ??

  14. Jinx - the loose cannon Avatar

    Sorry to disagree with @Bob The Zealot, but the valuable part that explains polymorphism is from 4:38 to 7:02

  15. Joseph Kreifels II Avatar

    eat() isn't a proper food method. That belongs to the Animal and Person classes

  16. Xingyu Bian Avatar

    Polymorphism is one of the key concepts of advanced programming concepts

  17. Antonia Katherina Avatar

    omg I am eating while watching this tutorial SMH

  18. mostafa bayomui Avatar

    why your class's names start with lowercase letters?


    This guy is so funny 😀

  20. OMG Its Raveen Promodya Avatar

    you are the best. these tutorials are very easy to understand. thanks for the video.

  21. Grace Sijenga Avatar

    simple and clear programs and explanations. thanks

  22. Tallam Anish Avatar

    Dear respected sir, you have sincerely saved my buttox for tomorrows test. I can't thank you any harder.

  23. abc71277 Avatar

    from where can I copy/paste theses classes and superclass? I would like to run it on compiler and that makes me understand better

  24. Storystein Avatar

    Both my teacher and my classmates couldn't explain this properly to me. Now, I feel like I fully understand it. THANKS! Your explanation couldn't be any clearer.

  25. Davidpraise Kalu Avatar

    Good day Mr Bucky. Thank you very much for your tutorials on youtube about java programming. you have really help me a lot. I really appreciate your work. God Bless

  26. Lol bruh Avatar

    I hate to say this but EVERYONE sucks fucking balls at explaining polymorphism, I'm sorry but it NEVER gets explained properly why would we do food f = new tuna(); to print the tuna method? when we could just do tuna t = new tuna(); no one explains this!

  27. justin lopes Avatar

    Not sure, why ++x was used…Because meaning ++x means….add 1 before the first use of the "x" , which means it will start at array bucky[1] instead of array bucky[0]..Not sure how this loop worked. In earlier tutorials, about the math operators, this was explained…Not sure, why ++x was used instead of x++

  28. Mohamed Ali Avatar

    bom bom check bom bom LOL

  29. Kyle Song Avatar


  30. Ashish Das Avatar

    you are a funny guy. who beatbox like that in the middle of a video. LMAO

  31. Strožer Jože Avatar

    why didnt he put public void eat()

  32. brodo dolan Avatar

    good word, realy good work.. thanks allot man

  33. carientjeee Avatar

    Oh my god, I was watching this in the middle of the night, all tired and then you started beatboxing! I died laughing hahahaha

  34. gay mario Avatar

    Bucky man, you promised us a disgusting story…… 🙁

    now for your "Buckies greatest hits"

  35. Reynaldo Riyandi Avatar

    i just wanna adding some mistake, if you naming class remember naming convention its important,
    you written potpie should be write Potpie . thanks

  36. The Schizophrenic Psychopath Avatar

    Didn't understand shit till he showed the example, and i am like. This shit is easy and realistic.

  37. laggirls Avatar

    This beginner's tutorial playlist made by TNB beats all types of 10-hour java bootcamp nonsense. Thanks! 🙂

  38. Digital Hamburger Avatar

    3:34 with closed captions (LOL) …. "
    Took a bullet to a bump on sorry"

  39. SUVAM ROY Avatar

    It seemed to me like Inheritance then why it's called Polymorphism?? Umm may be it's a bull-shit, stupid, dumb-ass (whatever you like to say) question but please someone help me.

  40. Kaysar777 Avatar

    I think, you can also use polymorphism if the classes you're referring to implement the same interface.

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