Java Programming Tutorial – 56 – Polymorphic Arguements

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36 responses to “Java Programming Tutorial – 56 – Polymorphic Arguements”

  1. gamer22887 Avatar

    You are a great teacher

  2. yashasvi joshi Avatar

    java does not allow multiple inheritance right? then how can tuna and potpie both can be inherited from food class

  3. Anand Farathabad Avatar

    Bro stop telling disgusting stories

  4. Amit Idan Avatar

    I don't even learn, I just laugh.

  5. Pitou Avatar

    if the data type for po is potpie instead of food, can it be passed to digest method?

  6. Semper Volo Avatar

    so you eat your food after you digest it? nice

  7. md.rifat hossain Avatar

    buckey, I love sandwich as well .. >_< :p

  8. DEAD Surname Eat Avatar

    just don't google pus :/

  9. Carlos Chg Avatar

    Let me ask you +. Did you Inherit that from your super class?
    Do you encapsulate such chicken shit comments before speaking of it?
    Do you Polymorphically turn out to be a lier or was previously obtained by inheritance? lol cool vid dude!

  10. Jorge B Avatar

    I think that the best example I've ever seen hahahahahaha

  11. WoW Ironface Avatar

    Good work Bucky this and the previous tutorial helped. Still should not have listened to the last 30 seconds ha ha Thank you.

  12. it's me Avatar

    If I ever feel something like that in a chicken sandwich I will instantly spit it on the restaurant table.

  13. Luis Tavares Avatar

    Bucky, thanks for the Polymorphic nausea

  14. ManOFSteel Avatar

    if you watching this tutorial having a chicken sandwich ,i recommend you stop the video at 6:35

  15. Nobody Cares Avatar

    omg thats awful bucky, got similar story, one time a friend of mine got a bucket of fried chicken, and one of the pieces was actually a chickens head, had the beak, eyes and everything, blaaaaaaaarg, not sure which is worse puss or chicken heads, but there you go, fast food can suck big time. I hope your friend sewed or somthing.

  16. Zac Orr Avatar

    These tutorials are very helpful for understanding the things that are not covered very well in university courses. Thanks!

  17. Zeref Tetsuya Avatar

    Why is digest method taking food object as its argument?
    What's it's use??
    What is the meaning of food type variable?

  18. Kidrauhl Epic Avatar

    so does that mean fatty is unrelated to food?

  19. A Kane Avatar

    "Let's tighten that up a bit – that's what she said"   XD

  20. frvo Avatar

    Of course is disgusting!!! :S

  21. Ryan Burgess Avatar

    Dude that's gross not mcdonalds or wendys? was it chick filet then?

  22. Antonia Katherina Avatar

    bucky how could you you've been stimulating all our appetites and then you just undo all the good work you've done facepalm

  23. Antonia Katherina Avatar

    FK chicken sandwiches EW

  24. Mitesh Patel Avatar

    How can I create following pattern?
    Any one can give suggestions.

  25. paulius maciukevicius Avatar

    puss is delicious and now u know…

  26. Akama Avatar

    i wonder what sjw's think about these vids

  27. Anil Emrah Avatar

    I wanted to watch while eating sandwich but that story… C'mon 😀

  28. akaMagisk Avatar

    The laugh at 7.28 makes me laugh so much hahaha

  29. MenjiXo Avatar

    kudos to your friend for eating it anyways. I would of chickened out and stopped eating. (No pun intended….or was it?)

  30. Aditya Sharma Avatar

    I wont forget polymorphism again. If interviewer ask any related question, first thing that would reflect in my mind is this story. Yuck Yuck Yuck!!!!!

  31. Alex Thomas Avatar

    How does po call the potpie method? I never say the word po in the potpie class

  32. Clif ff Avatar

    I was hungry before i watched this. Thanks for that Bucky.

  33. gg boi Avatar

    how the hell did she thought it was cheese? do they taste the same or what?

  34. Zack Rm Avatar

    WARNING : for those who don't know what "pus" means ; DO NOT google it before lunch or dinner , you're welcome .

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