Java Programming Tutorial – 82 – Exception Handling

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28 responses to “Java Programming Tutorial – 82 – Exception Handling”

  1. Phillip Rafuse Avatar

    Thank you!! This was very helpful

  2. dublux Avatar

    errors and exceptions are not the same things. Errors normally can't be caught. For instance, you are out of memory.

  3. bengtig77 Avatar

    the do while loop is not working in my case..its looping continuously without stopping

  4. korump clothing Avatar

    Liked the video…check out an awesome "try catch" T-Shirt

  5. Shikhar Mainalee Avatar

    This is the one video I was waiting to watch. I have already watched all the other videos in this series and flew pass them.

  6. Sophie Limi Avatar

    thanks. Quick question! what is different between x=1 and x==1 ? confusing as a beginner. ^__^ If I typed while( x =1 ) , then i got a error. Do you know why? while ( x ==1 ) works instead of while ( x=1) ?

  7. BreeZe QQ Avatar

    Thanks for pure speaking about that lesson i understood all thank you so much you are the best teacher 🙂 love u

  8. marvin chairez Avatar

    Hey man, this really helped. Straight to the point. Thanks a lot!

  9. Mark Bernardo Avatar

    can somebody explain the
    x=1 and x=2
    🙁 my professor sucks and you're way better!

  10. Akama Avatar

    bucky explained loops in 4mins, where some people take a 3 hour class

  11. Bala Muralidar Avatar

    Cool Stuff………….I love it.

  12. Srijan Poudel Avatar

    You'll be the first one that I'll remember in teachers day bucky.

  13. Jordan Jones Avatar

    couldn't you also just use a while loop with a break statement where you put "x=2;" ?

  14. Rishabh Agarwal Avatar

    Good Job, Very well explained. I wish you explain type of exception.

  15. Ein Hacker-Typ Avatar

    When I entered a text or letter, it gave me weird results. Why wouldn't it normally work the same as when I put in a 0?

  16. hsetih esilahc Avatar

    All exception types are subclasses of the built-in class Throwable. Thus, Throwable is at the
    top of the exception class hierarchy. Immediately below Throwable are two subclasses that
    partition exceptions into two distinct branches. One branch is headed by Exception. The other branch is topped by Error.

  17. Ronnie Sokha Avatar

    Confused on why he set x = 1; and then inside the try catch, he set x = 2;

  18. Farhan Islam Avatar

    Thanks man! You're awesome

  19. azzum waqar Avatar

    If you try to input alphabetic character why does the loop become infinite?
    Try giving this program an input of: e or any alpha character

  20. FOZLE RABBY Avatar

    You just have said "error" and "exception" are the exact same thing. Is that true? can you handle error without correcting that?
    So far we know there are 2 types of error in java: sysntax erro and runtime error.
    please give me an example how you can go fine with those errors by handling, by not correction…

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