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In this Java programming Tutorial I’ll teach you all of the core knowledge needed to write Java code in 30 minutes. This is the most popular request from everyone.

I specifically cover the following topics: primitive data types, comments, class, import, Scanner, final, Strings, static, private, protected, public, constructors, math, hasNextLine, nextLine, getters, setters, method overloading, Random, casting, toString, conversion from Strings to primitives, converting from primitives to Strings, if, else, else if, print, println, printf, logical operators, comparison operators, ternary operator, switch, for, while, break, continue, do while, polymorphism, arrays, for each, multidimensional arrays and more.






24 responses to “Java Programming”

  1. Boomwhat1000 Avatar

    For beguinners you might want to already have a little bit of experience in javascript before you watch this video or youll be lost in 2 mins

  2. Tanya Sanderson Avatar

    Anything for ABSOLUTE beginners?

    Cuz if not I'm gonna be up ALL night long searching.

    And can I use this for Zelda:Breath of the wild?

  3. Dawo Sida Avatar

    java is hardest for me up to now


    great video must appreciate

  5. ram basnet Avatar

    best video i have ever seen make other video on java and android

  6. Ibnemujtaba Sagar Basant Puriii Avatar

    if any one intrested in java and wants to solve his querries mail me his no. i will add him in Java's Group and he will get his answer quick but only those who have passion not for Joke email id :

  7. Green Corsaire Avatar

    first time learning java and after watching this video ill be making a super app right away

  8. Tomasz Fefler Avatar

    I watched this video. Where is my job for 60k $ for year?

  9. aaron wood Avatar

    Thank you sir, quick and simple.

  10. Im Tristan Avatar

    Hi Derek, you rock!

    I have a few errors I could use some help with using (2017) versions of everything (Eclipse Indigo and compliance level 1.7).

    First error: The method printf(String, Object[]) in the type PrintStream is not applicable for the arguments (String, String)
    From: System.out.printf("%s is not a numbern", numberEntered);

    Second error: Syntax error, 'for each' statements are only available if source level is 1.5 or greater
    From: for(String word : stringArray)

    Last error: Arrays cannot be resolved
    from: String[] cloneOfArray = Arrays.copyOf(stringArray, 3);

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  11. Andre Dolya Avatar

    Going to comments to check difficulty level/desperation rate

  12. Ruslan Mashinov Avatar

    My brain just lost it's virginity

  13. BrokenDreamer248 Avatar

    Thank you very much for this. I made it all the way through, but only cause I have a history of dabbing into programming languages and just took a college course on C. Was fun to learn.

  14. Simon S Avatar

    what just happened to me…

  15. Leandro Aumada Avatar

    Thank's, just needed a short video of the java syntax

  16. calvin yip Avatar

    Are you using a mechanical keyboard? What brand?

  17. Richard Doran Avatar

    Wow – great video. I want to learn Java for fun. Your video is very well done. Thank you.

  18. M C Avatar

    I am returning to learning java after a long break and this video was very helpful in refreshing my memory.

  19. Mozilla Firefox Avatar

    This is cool.Thank you Derek Bananas

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