Java Showcase | Stick Adventures Alpha 0.22

Hope you like it, leave a like if so.

Art done by- Fredrik Svanholm
Music by- Zijun01






28 responses to “Java Showcase | Stick Adventures Alpha 0.22”

  1. Nevin Rhymer Avatar

    RealTutsGML I have to say you're really awesome and I commend you for all the work you have put in with all these stuff. Good luck on your future project and game.

  2. Filter Avatar

    He can push the door open with his chest , get a life…. stop trying to start arguments about logic that you apparently think won't exist in the world.

  3. Kasper S. Avatar

    Hahaha dieing sound from 2 fast 4 gnomes

  4. MCMatrixxHD Avatar

    do you Have to use java?..(i like notepad++

  5. MrRevoltRed Avatar

    How'd he open the door if he has no arms? Is this game logic at work here?

  6. Paul Blue Avatar

    Woah bro ure so cool and creative

  7. ArvsGamer Avatar

    and how do u give your tiles collision masks, is it built into each tile?

  8. SynforgeGames Avatar

    Really awesome, I like how this game is turning out, the only thing I wolud recommend is using a different sound for the coins, as is I feel like it's a little bit overbearing. Maybe make it softer, use a different sound or give to option to turn off in game sounds.

  9. RealTutsGML Avatar

    I created a seperate project that is a level editor. I can click and place any block I want like coins, checkpoints, movingblocks, doors, etc. Then all of that generates code that will allow me to use in the game. It generates that code into a seperate file then I can call that file and get all of the blocks creating a level 🙂

  10. ArvsGamer Avatar

    nice game. im a python programmer and was wondering how you did the levels (did u make some tileset function and map it)

  11. RealTutsGML Avatar

    I have an artist and thanks.

  12. AlienWorkShop658 Avatar

    Did you make the graphics? They're really good

  13. Darshan Parajuli Avatar

    make it so that i can shoot stuff or defend against the enemies…create a weapons inventory……this game is going on the right direction so far XD

  14. TheGodbaba95 Avatar

    OHHH Shit i need to watch them all !!!

  15. RealTutsGML Avatar

    I already have like 20 java game tutorials…

  16. Stevonicle Avatar

    cant wait to play it

  17. Matthew Lang Avatar

    This looks like a game a good company would make.

  18. CreamerLad Avatar

    I would help u but I wouldn't be any help at all,I'm not great but good luck in your project

  19. TheGodbaba95 Avatar

    Will you make tutorials about java ? 😀 I wanna learn java so badly…

  20. RealTutsGML Avatar

    Thanks, hope your idea comes to life!

  21. MattThePotato Avatar

    Depending on what you would like help on, i could help you finish your game… I am better at some things than others when it comes to Java, as im sure every one has their weaknesses and strengths… But just let me kno what i could do for you

  22. HeroicPunk Avatar

    This looks seriously great thus far. I only wish I was half as good as you are at Java and game creation in general. I'm struggling to even start up my own game as the code seems especially complicated and almost overwhelming. But I'm going through your tutorials and I hope they can help me a lot in the coming months as my grand game idea comes to life.

    Thanks and I can't wait to see the next update for this promising game of yours.

  23. Stevonicle Avatar

    this is awesome keep up the good work

  24. TheMacInOz Avatar

    i am a good designer 🙂

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