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In this part of my Java Video Tutorial I introduce Java collection classes. Specifically I cover how to use Java ArrayLists.

Java ArrayLists make it easy to keep track of groups of objects. A Java ArrayList differs from a java array in that it automatically resizes itself when you add or remove values.

I’ll go over nearly every Java ArrayList method in this video.






41 responses to “Java Video Tutorial 11”

  1. Big Worm Avatar

    Do you need the iterator and arrays import? In intellij I haven't been using those but my programs work

    Thanks for the video derek

  2. Anju Mahajan Avatar

    You are the best derek

  3. udhaya kumar Avatar

    can any one explain what does object[] array does?

  4. stuti swarnkar Avatar

    your video is simplest to understand!! kudos to you..

  5. Ilia Yovchev Avatar

    Very nice indeed! It is amazing how much you can learn about anything from the Internet for free because of people like you!

  6. sarit v Avatar

    Thank you so much! may i ask why do people use "i" all the times in for loops?

  7. mrzragon Avatar

    for the import java.util.ArrayList; and all of the others they are yellow help please

  8. Irfan Sindhi Avatar

    Hey Derek, does importing the entire library have any effect with the speed of execution of the code? Like why aren't we using "java.util.*;" instead of "java.util.ArrayList" and others.

  9. GreenCoolerGame Avatar

    Very good video. Helps me a lot. Thank you.

  10. Ein Hacker-Typ Avatar

    You're like the Java version of Markiplier

  11. Bart van den Hof Avatar

    Hi Derek, awesome video as always.

    I have a small question about the removeRange function. Why is it protected, and how can I still use it?

  12. Prasad Moghe Avatar

    Greetings Derek, All videos and presentation are excellent. Your voice is appealing too. The language is simple and examples are fabulous.

  13. Eesaa Philips Avatar

    It's 2017 and i still refer to this tutorial. Great videos…

  14. Angelo Miranda Avatar

    Thanks Derek for the tuts!

  15. vijji j Avatar

    what if I need to add two different types of datatypes to one ArrayList ? can I do that using generic ArrayList?

  16. Aus Taft Avatar

    I get an error "removeRange(int, int) has protected Access in ArrayList", whenever used names.removeRange(0,1); Is there a way to bypass that?

  17. Andy Chrzanowski Avatar

    Hey Derek, I know you havent dont java videos in a while but I think it would be cool if you did a simple text-based connect 4 game in java

  18. Eugene Kuzmov Avatar

    How does a program know that "i" equals to a name? We did not statated String i = John Smith for example

  19. Cleitonn José da Silva Avatar

    lIKE! Good Job Man, only a little rushed rsrs

  20. Mantas Lukoševičius Avatar

    Can't use removeRange. I googled that this is protected method.

  21. Mohammed El-Khalil Avatar

    Is it possible to create a collection of boolean that is mutable? in that case, how?

  22. Denzi pants Avatar

    it is been long time ago since i've been watching your vidz.. Was busy with woking. Anyway i ordered the book in the description. 🙂
    Keep up the videos 🙂

  23. squallit Avatar

    Thank you! You're great!

  24. wildfyah Avatar

    omg thanks! This helps a lot.

  25. wildfyah Avatar

    omg thanks! This helps a lot.

  26. Rapid Readers Avatar

    Did you know…..
    If you type "sysout" and then hit ctrl+space, you'll get

  27. Johnny Batafljeska Avatar

    when I import Arrays my program says to me '' <identifier> expected''

  28. Seventy-Three David Avatar

    Very helpful except my professor is asking us to do some pretty whacky stuff. How would one insert a pair of data into a table. For example, my objective isto apply the use of Scanners for keyboard input and ArrayLists for maintaining lists of data. Essentially, I have to insert an (int, string) pair which needs to be stored in a specific bin based on the int%5 value.

  29. BCwithPC Avatar

    I really liked this episode. A lot of the time Java can get confusing, but this stuff just seemed to make sense.

  30. Shakeib Shaida Avatar

    Iterator library is still useful after the advent of enhanced for loop?

  31. Diaa Mostafa Avatar

    Your tutorials are excellent. Thank you !

  32. ghee4345 Avatar

    what about a 2-D arrayList?

  33. fatcrewz Avatar

    why eclipse stated i need to put parameter if i declare ArrayList List1 = new ArrayList(); instead of ArrayList <String> List1 = new ArrayList<String(); also i need to know if I can declare List data = new ArrayList();

  34. baskaran krishnaveni Avatar

    Is Arraylist has efficient as linked list in terms of saving memory ?

  35. Aftab Ahmed Avatar

    This channel has become my goto channel if I want to learn a new topic !! You are AMAZING !!

  36. GobblowGalaxyGamer Avatar

    Can you explain the difference between using a for loop and an iterator and which one is better?

  37. Moe Zack Avatar

    you sir are magnificent!

  38. Fanjing Liu Avatar

    is there such thing as multidimensional array list

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