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I continue my Java Video Tutorial. I show you how to import class libraries, except user input, check for valid input, catch errors in input, a bunch of math functions and more.






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  1. Cody Fisher Avatar

    Love these tutorials, thanks for all the help.

  2. JoelTRowe Avatar

    I did everything as you did, and I'm getting errors.Something about paths, which is weird, cause I've installed JDK 8.

  3. Mike AntR Avatar

    Inside the if statement,"int numberEntered = userInput.nextInt();" – "userInput" refers to the created scanner object, correct?

  4. Anis Errais Avatar

    what font do you use in eclipse

  5. اليوتيوبر Avatar

    i love that way you gave us a piece of information , am an Egyptian developer specially in php and laravel , but i always dreamed about java not only for java it self but am looking forward android , so thank you from the bottom of my heart

  6. java learner Avatar

    I still do not understand the use of "static". Can someone please explain it very simply.

  7. BindingOath Avatar

    Omg this tutorial is so helpful!!!!!

  8. Gamer Jake Avatar

    You Are Very Helpful Thank you i am trying to become a java programmer and this is very helpful

  9. Emese Barok Avatar

    The user input is not that simple. Is there another version?

  10. Arin Gadre Avatar

    u are a very good teacher and i thought i sucked at java before watching ur tutorials 🙂

  11. Mark Forsyth Avatar

    Awesome teaching method! You somehow manage to make super in-depth and well-explained tutorials and yet pack them into a very short time span. Great job 😀

  12. Edin Lo6 Avatar

    5:15 I did 2 arraylists 1 for int and 1 for string and it made it easier i could of done it with a hashmap too

  13. Darshan babu Avatar

    I want to learn java now are these videos are still valid for today ?

  14. Klson Bob Avatar

    How can i download the video?

  15. william41017 Avatar

    how do i use this "if" statement (3:50) with the random number function?

  16. Dingly Do Avatar

    Right, So I have 2 questions.

    1. Why is it called NEXTint? What does the word next have to do with it?

    2. Why do we have to set a variable as a static when it is being declared outside of a method?

    3. What does the "new" Keyword do?

    4. Can we input variables without using scanner? For example is it possible that we can use

    (I did not finish the video but I wanted to write them down here incase I forget them and also I know I said 2 questions but things change.)

  17. blackcurrant Prince Edward Avatar

    hi Derek thanks for the tuts i just started Java and going to use it to develop apps for Android and your tuts are amazing i would love to learn more from you

  18. Ralph DiZazzo Avatar

    You have put a lot of time in these tutorials and I am grateful for it. Thank You.

  19. LeendeLand Avatar

    Hi! i have a little err
    my output after the object, secondNumber-System.out.print("the second number is: " + secondNumber +
    'n' + "because " + numEnterd + "+" + numEnterd + "is" +secondNumber);
    is a bit wierd:
    ur enterd no is 3the second number is: 6
    because 3+3is61
    and on top of that the last digi of the 61, so the 1 is random, hmmm and don't want to throw me a random number at all from 0-10
    Where i went wrong? Any idea
    otherwise ur tutorials just like anice smoothy 😀

  20. pranav goyal Avatar

    wait …i m a bit confused….how can we expect java to decide whether the user input is integer….when the integer statement is written afterwards

  21. Ciri Avatar

    Well I failed my java exam and did really well in the others. Do you cover object factories, collections, I,e hashmaps, sets, linkedlists, generics, etc in your tutorials, Derek?

  22. Johnny Stark Avatar

    Thank you for this tutorial , I haven't watched yet all of your tutorials (actually I'm just here at part 2 of your java tutorial). I'm having a hard time to understand java on my college days(bec I'm too lazy that time). You did a great job, keep it up (y)

  23. Sanman Kelkar Avatar

    Is it mandatory that the name of the public class should be same as the program name?

  24. Sanju Banerjee Avatar

    How I can print the statement in else as follows:
    System.out.println("Your Enter number " + enteredNumber + " is not an integer");

  25. WhitePower11 Avatar

    Do you need to be good at maths in order to Program Websites ?

  26. Sayan Avatar

    Your videos are too good! Thanks for the great experience 😀
    I watched almost all of the videos on the java series 🙂

  27. Fredius Avatar

    How did you get 13 to be your favourite number?

  28. Pranjal Kumar Avatar

    if (userInput.hasNextInt()) //Condition is checked.

    { int numberEntered = userInput.nextInt(); // Input is taken.

    But if input is taken afterwards how can the condition be checked first???

  29. Furvus Avatar

    im very new to programming but i can figure out some stuff fast, so i was wondering the (Math.) part, i can understand the rest except for that part, is it some kind of reserved word or something?

  30. Raven Gaming Avatar

    but when i type else it does the red swiggly line which means its invalid…i have eclipse java mars and here's the code

    Edit : when i type anything it doesnt work

    package packag;

    import java.util.Scanner;

    public class yo1

    static Scanner userInput = new Scanner(;

    public static void main(String[] args)
    System.out.print("What's ya fav number m8?");

    if (userInput.hasNextInt());

    int numberEntered = userInput.nextInt();

    System.out.println("You entered " + numberEntered);

    } else {

    System.out.println("Write a fakn integer m8…not a number with decimals or symbols or letters");


  31. CreatedByFuse Avatar

    Where would you say the best place to practice programs or get problems to practice programs.

  32. Maxim Marchal Avatar

    remainder function is called modulo, not modulus. nice vid

  33. minimontie Avatar

    how do i check if userInput is equal to a word

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