Java Video Tutorial 3

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In this Java Video Tutorial I show you the if statement, relational operators, logical operators, ternary operator and the switch statement.






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  1. Wilson Guaman Avatar

    i being going over and over on your videos.  but i still have one question, what is the best way to learn how to translate word problems into a java code. ?

  2. dedZombie Avatar

    I see a lot of people complaining how this Java tutorial is not for beginners, but myself have never done any Java, and it's really easy for me to follow. Well done Derek, you are the man when it comes to programming tutorials 😉

  3. SmokingNoir Avatar

    I'm 26 and I'm learning java!

  4. aussiet4nker Avatar

    6 years later and series is still relevant thanks

  5. DJ Root Avatar

    Tony Stark, is this you?

  6. BLOOD WOLF Avatar

    I do not understand why I would ever use | over ||. They both are just going to return a true or false, | evaluates both sides of the | and || shorts on the first true. Ok but how does that help me doing anything different with a | compared to a ||? | is a bitwise operator I've been told but ok, I dont see why i need to worry about bits or machine code when I am just going to get a true or false out of both .

  7. Crypto Avatar

    Hey Derek @5:10 the green text is cut of to the right. I wanted to take notes but it's hard when the green text is cut off. f you could tell me/ explain what each logical operator does here in the comments, I would appreciate it

  8. Jason Roark Avatar

    I just wanted to say these videos are excellent for staying on top of my coding game in between semesters. Great way to keep the rust off. Thank you Derek!

  9. Lucas Hernández Avatar

    Thank you for these tutorials. They're just great, and you did them in a really easy-to-follow way, so even after 6 years we can still watch them and actually learn. Thanks, a lot.

  10. Samuel N Avatar

    won't omitting the break; cause the code to act funny?

  11. Jad Zoghaib Avatar

    what is true or false at 6:30??

  12. Marwan Jasim Avatar

    If you see how many open apps at the mac dock give me a like

  13. DARPAN ANEJA Avatar

    You are surely God's one of the favorites.
    GOD bless you DEREK BANAS.

  14. Дмитрий Куликов Avatar

    Is it ok when i use switch statement it executes not only a true case but also all next cases until it hits "break". I forgot to type "break" after case 'B', so it executed this case and also case 'C' was executed. If i have "break" after every case it works fine

  15. Sonjia Gonzales Avatar

    if you can help that will be great!

  16. BLOOD WOLF Avatar

    Public static void, void means doesnt return anything after its done…….ok so what would it return after its done if void was not in there? Im trying to learn java just on my own with some help from the developers of MegaMek and am very green (automotive technician by trade).

  17. cubixense Avatar

    Your tutorials are very helpful but if you could just summarize the contents of your videos in the title itself then it will be easy for people to skip parts they already know.
    Thanks for the tutorials though 🙂

  18. Max Tan Avatar

    nice video, if only i can follow up by practising somehow…

  19. Peace Avatar

    Today is my second day of programming and i just finished your third video.
    I know you are at PHD Level, Can you make videos at the level where newbies are?
    If our basics will not be clear we will never become good developers.
    Strong foundation is very important so if you can please make some videos on Java for absolute beginners that will really help us. Thanks

  20. Peace Avatar

    Hey! Where do you work? Do you teach one on one also? Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  21. Zain Saqib Avatar

    My "else" statement is not working, it reads an error when I try to run it in Eclipse.

  22. Grzegorz Kosicki Avatar

    Is there in your videos something about frameworks?

  23. Todd Lange Avatar

    It's CRAZY to see that a video made 5 years ago is still practical and effective at teaching students (like myself) Java. Hats off to you Derek!

  24. abdellah maghfour Avatar

    great thnxx for the tutorials !!

  25. Denzi pants Avatar

    Just so you know( and you maybe do by now,) type: "sysout" (without quotos ofcourse) then control+ space.
    saves some time 🙂

  26. Tbone1996 Avatar

    whats the advantage of using a switch statement over if-else statements?

  27. UchihaNoMadara Avatar

    I don't completely understand what the difference between the switch and the if statements are. Couldn't the thing with theGrade also have been done with the if statement?

  28. Anton Holmström Avatar

    Ive learned more from tutorial 1 and 2 than I have from school! You are great! I

  29. SergioP. Avatar

    8:48 , what actually is true?? im not understanding.

  30. Amana Prateek Avatar

    Where is that i am 12 and i am learning java comment

  31. Muhammad Zohaib Avatar

    your tutorials are awesome. i just wanted to ask you this one question. how do we get a character from user?

  32. GDA Avatar

    Thank You, Matthew McConaughey of Programming, for great and understandable tutorials .

  33. jack AKA karthik Avatar

    i want to use Scanner class to get an input from the keyboard at run time and want to use switch statement on the input. Can i do that?

  34. Addicted Addie Avatar

    shoutout to the people who made it to part 3 . salute

  35. Rochak Gupta Avatar

    Derek, first of all, your videos are awesome. I wanted to ask if your tutorials contain information about HashSet, TreeSet and such. It would be greatly helpful.

  36. Flatspot Games Avatar

    thanks for this, how do you recommend to copy and paste code from bottem without copying the numbers down the side?

  37. Dhiraj Bhamble Avatar

    here we can found more on less time with what we need… thanks man from the bottom of heart

  38. NELSON J Avatar

    +Derek Banas Multiple conditions are met but only one is return by the compiler, why is that? IF number == 75: print out "this", this can print out but also IF number > 20: print out "that". Shouldn't "this" and "that" be printed out to the console.? Why doesn't it?

  39. Abeer Qamer Avatar

    what is meant by overriding and that @ symbol?

  40. DecoratorFawn82 Avatar

    Put this over the switch-case and you can enter the letters from A to D in both
    uppercase and lowercase.

    if (theGrade >= 'a' && theGrade <= 'd') {
    theGrade -= 32;

  41. Octavian Avatar

    i wrote the code exactly like you and at the else if part it says "Syntax error on token "else", delete this token". i have used else before and it didn't have any problems.

  42. Sven Austen Avatar

    How to I tell Java to calculate "10 to the power of x" or something like that?

  43. Rohan Arcot Avatar

    Can the cases in the switch statement work with Strings?

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