Java Video Tutorial 60

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In this video I continue my Java Asteroids game. I pretty much finish up the game in this tutorial.

I show you how to do a bunch of new things. I show you how to play sound in a JFrame. We introduce yet another way to handle collision detection. We remove items from the screen when they are destroyed. And, a whole bunch more is covered.






23 responses to “Java Video Tutorial 60”

  1. Paweł Monster Avatar

    Great tutorial of how to make the game! but I don't understand how you use URL class. Do you remember which video explained how to use this class. Should I have my own website in order to play sounds? I don't get it 🙁

  2. Dani Jeney Avatar

    hello! When you write rock.onScreen = false;(when the rock gets hit by torpedo) why doesnt it iterate through all the rocks and set it to false for you? It does that for me,so when i hit one all disappear(slightly different code, but cant find that makes the difference here). thanks you:)

  3. brainiac marco Avatar

    Hi Derek, what's going on?

     is it possible to reproduce this game in Netbeans?

    Nice tutorial!

  4. tyrion lanister Avatar

    its funny how the amount of people decrease after every tutorial .. The amount of people on first to 5th is comparable to the last.. Atleast 40-50k people left 😀

  5. rodrigo reyes Avatar

    i get
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: npoints > xpoints.length || npoints > ypoints.length
    at java.awt.Polygon.<init>(
    at GAME.Rock.<init>(
    at GAME.GameDrawingPanel.<init>(
    at GAME.GameBoard.<init>(
    at GAME.GameBoard.main( wtf!!

  6. Asif Mahmud Avatar

    Derek how to use animation in this game? And please make some more games on java with a little animation.

  7. someoneuknow Avatar

    after finishing ur tutorial what books do you recomend

  8. wang dong Avatar

    Thanks for this wonderful series. I have two questions, 1) should we read the sound effects into memory first and play them when needed? 2) I heard something about separate logic and graphics, you seem to mix them together. Is there a way or should we trying to separate them? The second one really bothers me. Thanks again 🙂

  9. Jerry Kim Gomez Avatar

    Is there anything you cannot do on a computer?  And have the presence and voice to explain???  You, by far, have the best tutorials on the Internet!  Are you posting all these tutorials on the Internet from the goodness of your heart?   I feel like I need to pay you tuition!

  10. Tiger_vii Avatar

    wow…… u make it look too easy….. im going back to lesson 1……. bangs head on desk im trying to learn java coding for my hobby! great tutorials, alot clearer and easier to grasp than the guy who taught my java class. keep up the great work 

  11. Minh Ly Avatar

    Excuse me.Is this the last Java video tutorial in your channel ?

  12. Redoras Reddie Avatar

    Hi Derek, great tutorials. Just wondering if you are able to make Java Slick2D tutorials some day?

  13. Bagdat Kydyrgozha Avatar

    Hello Derek, can you make more about JavaEE

  14. Ahmed Elsayed Avatar

    Hi Derek, impeccable collection of tutorials you have. I thank you very much for everything that i have learned from you which is a lot. I have one request, can you start a tutorial on a Tetris game in Java? It will be very good and will use most of the concepts of the asteroid game and you can even add that classical Tetris song? Give it a think over. Kind regards   

  15. mrdarxter Avatar

    Great tutorial. Thanks. I wonder how to dedicate a small part of the window for
    some kind of score or number of lives?

  16. Prabin giri Avatar

    if u slowed down a little bit and describe thoroughly then it would be great other than that its excellent thanks a lot u r teaching lots of folk like us

  17. dedantemon Avatar

    Derek I see that Java 8 is out. Will you make a video tutorial showing us how the new Java 8 features will help us (maybe in android also) ? I am eager to see practical examples 😛

  18. Denis Krivchenkov Avatar

    Derek, you've done really cool game, did you ever anoter games? 

  19. NubPaws Avatar

    When I run the game and click the window/try to move/try to shoot the game freezes what to do? Yes I have the exact code from your site.

  20. Styles P'yall Avatar

    Hey Derek, I was banned from posting on your site and I don't know why 🙁

  21. Derek Banas Avatar

    I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the request 🙂

  22. Ethashamuddin Mohammed Avatar

    Hello Derek,
    Java-JNI with C/C++ code, I would like to learn that from u.

  23. Derek Banas Avatar

    I'm going to make an asteroids for Android soon. I'm not sure what you are trying to do. You can move in that way

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