JavaFX Java GUI Tutorial – 28 – Properties

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10 responses to “JavaFX Java GUI Tutorial – 28 – Properties”

  1. GMByte Java Avatar

    Why not just change the value through the setter?

  2. Collin Alpert Avatar

    Does this work for more complex datatypes, e.g. java.time.Year?

  3. AlexTechie Avatar

    Bucky punches babies

  4. ziddy26 Avatar

    06:40 is it okay to have a method that returns a private instance variable?

  5. Eray Erdin Avatar

    Now, I am wondering if I can use properties to change live from data requested from a RESTful server.

  6. Holan Ankerholden Avatar

    This tutorial really helped me out. I managed to implement my scene-manager with the properties. Thanks alot! 🙂

  7. Carlos Sanchez Avatar

    One more question, is this meant to be used to control user imput, if thats the case, how is this any better/different than using a simple booelanBinding+ bind?

  8. Carlos Sanchez Avatar

    Mr Bucky, what is the difference between doing this using your method or to just make firstName a class and creating a firstname instance inside person. Wouldnt you be able to do the same thing then? Also want to ask, how feasible is to do this, is this how things are done in a large comercial aplication?

  9. plash razdan Avatar

    i use netbeans so this is how netbeans takes care of these properties.
    public class person {
        private StringProperty name = new SimpleStringProperty(this,"name","");

        public String getName() {
            return name.get(); //.get to actually retrieve the value form this property/ which                                     //now acts as an object

        public void setName(String value) {
            name.set(value);//same way here we use these old and familiar get() and set()
        public StringProperty nameProperty() {
            return name;
    ***makes sence

  10. Gene parrott sr Avatar

    What program are you using Mr. Roberts?

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