JavaScript and jQuery Tutorial (for Beginners)

In this lesson we learn what JavaScript is used for and how to leverage the popular JavaScript library named jQuery. Check out my “Get a Developer Job” course:

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Link to the examples shown in the video:

Want to learn more? Check out the second lesson in this JavaScript series:






29 responses to “JavaScript and jQuery Tutorial (for Beginners)”

  1. pointjabber Avatar

    Wonderful intro to jQuery. thanks a lot man.

  2. Nirmal Kumar Avatar

    We need trainers like you in the web community,Thanks a lot,this video acts like yes"you can also try and do it".
    Thanks again for figuring out your time for doing the hard work,
    Thank you so much….

  3. Ahmed Raza Avatar

    Awesome Bro Thnx a lot make some new tutorials about jquery plx

  4. Stephen White Avatar

    How do i get the X there without using "Absolute"? If I use absolute and the screen size changes, so does the X

  5. bahman778 Avatar

    You are The Best of The Bests
    Thank you

  6. Jeroen Koorenhof Avatar

    3 years later, still usefull! Thanks 🙂

  7. recomputed Avatar

    Yes I gotta agree ….. fantastic info you are sharing with us, thanks

  8. MrFlabby69 Avatar

    Excellent teaching style, and great content; thank you.

  9. Ambrose Beavers Avatar

    Once again, these lessons really have helped me to accomplish a lot. Keep up the good work!

  10. Ambrose Beavers Avatar

    Hi there! I do enjoy your lessons very much. I would really enjoy some detailed lessons on how to create a slide show using javascript/jquery

  11. occura software Avatar

    This is what I'm looking for! Awesome tuts ever

  12. billy mwas Avatar

    best teacher ever..GOD bless you

  13. Funny  World Avatar


  14. cricket prediction Avatar

    Ahhh! your tuts are so Good like an Orgasm. You are the BEST!

  15. premier69 Avatar

    dude! YOU need to reupload this video with an intro showing your cat!

  16. Eduard Ghergheluca Avatar

    Best video for beginners. A big thank you!

  17. Yanira Zelaya Avatar

    Too good and lovely! Thx sweety

  18. Ana Florea Avatar

    very good! totally loved it!

  19. Mario Parra Avatar

    Great video! Very helpful. Definitely keep up the good work

  20. rey garcia Avatar

    Hello! Your tutorial is very helpful. Keep up the good work. However, I just want to ask if it is possible to close an opened ".answer" element in the FAQ section when another ".faq h4" element is clicked?

  21. Up4lIFe Avatar

    Would you recommend me learning JavaScript the normal way first or should I start off with JQuery?

  22. bhagwan thapa Avatar

    Awesome tutorial..Thankyou so much for the tutorial.. i am new to Javascript and Jquery and was searching tutorials for beginners, thankfully i found your Channel at the right time and is really really helpful..:) Once again Thankyou you So much..:)

  23. Sandy Avatar

    Nice videos keep them coming ! which text editor do you use

  24. Alin Andrei Avatar

    This tutorial might be the most specific, on-point and clear js jQuerry tutorial I've seen so far. Really.. Really nice job, and thank you for sharing this to us!

  25. Mac Avatar

    You have a gift for training videos, thanks for the demo!

  26. Eyüp BALCI Avatar

    Incredible videos. Greetings from Turkey.

  27. Inder Sav Avatar

    hello sir, I'm not getting X in right place can you help me with the CSS . please


  28. SimonGrowl Avatar

    I can't get the html from about.html to embed in the DOM of index.html, no matter what I do. Is this still valid in October 2016?

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