Javascript Regular Expressions

Javascripts Free Scripting Tutorial will completely cover the capabilities of Javascript. Javascript is a scripting language that makes your website interactive. Here I cover Regular Expressions and Form validation.






10 responses to “Javascript Regular Expressions”

  1. Augusto González Avatar

    Excellent Tutorial! I have to admit I didn't understand much of RegEx until I saw your tutorials. In the minute 6:16 you have a wrong expression for getting the number. It should be like this ^([0-9]( |-)?)?(?[0-9]{3})?|[0-9]{3}( |-)?([0-9]{3}( |-)?[0-9]{4}|[a-zA-Z0-9]{7})$
    I have tried because I was curious.

  2. swapna sarit nayak Avatar

    that background music though xD

  3. Apex Window Cleaning Services Avatar

    Even on these early tutorials, you were still awesome Derek 🙂 Thanks for the hard work you put in mate. UK Fan mate.

  4. iheartmyballz Avatar

    Great tutorial but why are you whispering and why are you hiding in the janitor's closet?

  5. Derek Banas Avatar

    My new JavaScript Video Tutorial is much better than this. I made this over 2 years ago

  6. fedoanuja Avatar

    U r 2 fast…u cud take each expression and take it slow.explaining each rather than just reading slides.

  7. 07shehad Avatar

    Can someone give me regular expression for detecting only Ascii values?

  8. Steve Whetstone Avatar

    at 6:00 third bullet point should be corrected. Instead of saying . . .
    " if it does start with one of those letters, is the letter that proceeds it one of the letters contained in the brackets[]"

    it should say "follows" instead of "proceeds". the letters in the brackets are following the starting letter. it looks for a letter in the brackets proceeded by the starting letter, or more clearly stated, it looks for one of the letters in brackets that follows the starting letter.

  9. Derek Banas Avatar

    @ddamos00 How to CSS Style HTML Pt 4 through 6 are the videos that I talk about styling divs. Hope they help

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