Javascript Scripting Tutorial Pt 3

Javascripts Free Scripting Tutorial will completely cover the capabilities of Javascript. Javascript is a scripting language that makes your website interactive. Here I cover embedding, the dom, nodes, if then else and a bunch more.






16 responses to “Javascript Scripting Tutorial Pt 3”

  1. Mihai Pruteanu Avatar

    I blocked Javascript in google Chrome but the code worked.

  2. nadiaatz Avatar

    very good! but WHY the music in the background..

  3. J sh Avatar

    great videos but follow indenting rules in your code. so it is easier to read 🙂

  4. Derek Banas Avatar

    For Java or JavaScript?

  5. diep dao Avatar

    Oh Derek could you do a java tutorial on preloading/ progress bar?

  6. Derek Banas Avatar

    Your welcome 🙂 No I have never used Titanium Studio

  7. diep dao Avatar

    I was searching online and found Titanium Studio it is like eclipse Derek have you used it before? and once again your tutorial are really good thanks for the lesson.

  8. Derek Banas Avatar

    Thank you 🙂

  9. Ioannis Karlis Avatar

    This is a great tutorial. Many thanks Derek!

  10. Derek Banas Avatar

    Thank you 🙂

  11. Derek Banas Avatar

    I have a huge Java tutorial using Eclipse. I don't use Eclipse with JavaScript though. I don't like to use Eclipse for designing web pages. I use Text Wrangler for web development. It is a free Mac text editor. Notepad++ is just as good if you are on a PC

  12. TheCyberNaturalist Avatar

    Great videos! So I started working through your python videos and now I am trying to be brave and work with javascript. I was getting tripped up because I was trying to work thought your java tutorials in Eclipse, but it looks like I need to use a text editor and save the files as HTML. Just curious, Do you have any java tutorials done in Eclipse?

  13. youpattube1 Avatar

    derek –

    found it. thanks again. also saw the jquery vids.


  14. Derek Banas Avatar

    @youpattube1 Everything is free on my site. It's newthinktank instead of mythinktank. Just click on Sitemap at the top of the screen to see all of my videos, code, presentations, etc. I hope that helps?

  15. youpattube1 Avatar

    derek –
    is it possible for us to view or download the blue paged manual that you show in the right panel ? i've gone to mythinktank, but don't see it.

  16. Derek Banas Avatar

    @Jugdesi First watch my JavaScript Video Tutorial instead. It's better produced and more hands on. JavaScript is used for any situation in which you want to interact with a user dynamically without a page reload. It is the universal internet programming language. Through the use of AJAX techniques you can also communicate with the server dynamically. In my opinion JavaScript is the web programming language

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