Javascript Tutorial – 11 – Functions

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24 responses to “Javascript Tutorial – 11 – Functions”

  1. makedaevilmage Avatar

    3 brown cows stopped watching xD

  2. AndeyC4 Avatar

    nice and easy 4 understanding 10+ for the tuts 🙂

  3. David Stephanoff Avatar

    The last statement in any program doesn't need the semicolon.

  4. Abo Zaid Raafat Avatar

    why ddnt u write semicolumn ; after sayhi()?

  5. Braden Best Avatar


    A more extreme example:

    function hello(x){


    document.write("There are deep lacerations where ALIENS HAVE TAKEN OVER HIS BWODY! HU-WHAAAAAT!?")




    it's over 9000

  6. nirjonahmed Avatar

    Keep up the great work….

  7. Qwerty Asdf Avatar

    Hey now brown cow!

  8. tony hoss Avatar

    superb fogtalk99%

  9. Balsam0506 Avatar

    hahah nice video

  10. RASHTG Avatar

    @xxcky1 I do the same thing.

  11. Pierce Byers Avatar

    @xxcky1 Excellent comeback. Very well-crafted.

  12. xxcky1 Avatar

    @314rce Shutup kid

  13. xxcky1 Avatar

    @314rce shutup kid I was just telling him how I do it

  14. Pierce Byers Avatar

    A function is about the same as a method in Java. So what's the big deal about what you wrote? You moved the { up one line??? Oooooooo man that's impressive.

  15. xxcky1 Avatar

    Because I do Java I write my stuff as:
    function bob(){

  16. BgCast Avatar

    what program are you using for javascript?

  17. Gelli Ravikumar Avatar

    please upload videos for svgs and write and read a file using java script

  18. greatveemonGFX Avatar

    thank dude, I wish you also have a assembly language tutorial.

  19. Ed M Avatar

    I love these tutorials!!!

  20. noelsoong777 Avatar

    2 people are brown cows

  21. no Avatar

    Thanks. Learned Python, a little PHP (will go learn more), some CSS (wish you would make more), and now learning Javascript! Great teacher!

  22. marcky89869 Avatar

    @MrCritic17 It would do the same job…Every language works the same. They execute the code line by line, depending if it is in a function or not. When your browser open a page the javascript is not executed on the load automaticly IF it is in a function, else if your javascript is not in a function it will be executed on the load of your page. Functions need to be called and in this tutorial he actually call the function on the load but usually we call function on an evenement

  23. noelsoong777 Avatar

    you can name it asdfjkl if you wanted to 😀

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