Javascript Tutorial – 14 – While Loop

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37 responses to “Javascript Tutorial – 14 – While Loop”

  1. Krunch Avatar

    I set mine for intervals of 5 and it never stopped at 100 as in the video, mine went from 0 thru 10485755, was a pain to stop..

  2. JustAhmad Avatar

    I have created the webpage like you did in the video but my browser is keep loading it. i matched mine to yours but still receiving error

  3. TheOMST Avatar

    Well.. if you combine it with other code then you can create interaction with visitors for example.

  4. susmit basnet Avatar

    ur tutorial have low quality video

  5. Colony Avatar

    Have you even watched the first part of the tutorial?

  6. susmit basnet Avatar

    i didn't understand document.write("the number is "+i);
    please help me

  7. Harry Newman Avatar

    I started from tutorial one about 6 hours ago, with no understanding of java or notepad++ and only the basics of html. Now I have a strong understanding of all the material up to here. You sir are a fine teacher.

  8. Roberto Lafarga Avatar

    You explain WAY better than my teacher, that has like 25 year's teaching this.


  9. MetalEdify Avatar

    Top Instructional Videos!!! Kick ass bruv! Keep it up

  10. Sachin Sahu Avatar

    I like your all the tutorials of JavaScript . they are so helpful for me.

  11. Braden Best Avatar

    the while loop is different from the for loop only in syntax

    var i = 0

    while is the loop version of an if statement.

    for is the crunched up version of while, where instead you can just type "for(i=0;i!=10;i++)" similar to some css attributes, like typing "border:5px solid black" instead of having to typing 5 million lines describing every pixel of the border, you can just use the shorthand to make your life easier Hope this explains to non tech-savvy people 😀

  12. Dane Calderon Avatar

    Instead of copy/paste, you could just click in the line you want to repeat and hit control+d. 🙂

  13. King of Dongles Avatar

    @SupraFlumpy bit(DOT)ly/JaidenK then click TheNewBoston

  14. King of Dongles Avatar

    Thumbs up if you tested it before changing the variable 🙂

  15. GherdIstar Avatar

    i=10 means you assign 10 to var – i
    use i==10

  16. GreekSolid Avatar

    Great tutorial so far man.You rock!

    One question thought(to anyone who might know).
    When I write the while statement with (i=10) why doesn't the program work properly and prints "the number is 10" infinitely?
    I have to write <=10 for it to work and I don't understand the reason.

    PS: So for the lame English,I am not a native speaker xD

  17. tHebadteen Avatar

    alert("BUCKY ROCKS");

  18. swagner Avatar

    if i=i+1 is the last statement in the code why does it go for all of them, i thought javascript is read from top to bottom so like it would start adding 1 to i from there on.

  19. gatoo23 Avatar

    hey 1++; is shorter than i=i+1;

  20. Brandon Posthuma Avatar

    @hornymanonfire Thanks. Yes, I am a very quick learner.

  21. Mihai Avatar

    Awesome site man!

  22. hornymanonfire Avatar

    @beanerbut2 You're an idiot if it took you that long.

  23. Brandon Posthuma Avatar

    After learning Java, I can just rip through new languages. I just covered the first 14 tutorials in about 1.5 hours. I'm picking up Actionscript 3.0 really quickly as well. However, I need a good source for tutorials on that. Wish Bucky made those.

  24. James Taylor Avatar

    @OceanicViewStudios yea =)

  25. tHebadteen Avatar

    2 ppl have learning problems

  26. James Taylor Avatar

    also, instead of typing i=i+1, you can type i+=1

  27. James Taylor Avatar

    wow, i tried to type the javascript before you showed the full script, and i got it, thanks to your other video, and game design experiance =)

  28. Friedtunafish77 Avatar

    Can I ask,why do you put a + after you use html code?

  29. Wistler Charles Avatar

    thanks, for your vids on javascript,i feel i can write code now.thanks again

  30. Evan Palley Avatar

    do you have a job in this? you should

  31. Philip Davis Avatar

    Your very easy to understand…you should work for w3

  32. Belle Hadiwidjaja Avatar

    I like your tutorials. They are very well explained.

  33. Cem Yildirim Avatar

    it was helpful thank u

  34. Hot potato Avatar

    i dont understand a fuck of it lol but nice

  35. Hamza Shoaib Avatar

    i'll try the website.
    P.S: thank donts for the tutorial + why dont you reply to your comments

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