Javascript Tutorial – 6 – Arrays

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46 responses to “Javascript Tutorial – 6 – Arrays”

  1. William A-D Avatar

    Do you have to type new array

  2. gnisselb Avatar

    Many thanks man, life saver.

  3. famoussupreme Avatar

    I have to say this. I've looked at many tutorials about javascript, but this one is very well explained. I'm currently enrolled in a class for js., and I now feel like I'm getting it. Plus, I've never commented on any video on youtube, but I had to say something. Like someone else commented, "You make this soo easy for me to learn! Thank you". And I feel the same. Thank you!!

  4. monkeybars101 Avatar

    Happy Birthday frodo3332. 15 YrsOld.

    Hope you get lots of [cakes, presents, party hats];

  5. Landon Hughes Avatar

    You make this soo easy for me to learn! Thank you!!!

  6. MrManGames Avatar

    wow your are sixteen now!

  7. makedaevilmage Avatar

    Hooray he turned 16 🙂 Go get your drivers licence LOL 😛

  8. makedaevilmage Avatar

    Dan got replaced by Greg … poor Dan xD

  9. Dhiego Bersan Avatar

    So… Array is a keyword.

  10. ChrisPTY507 Avatar

    0:38 "how to array an array"?

  11. Fordcars01 Avatar

    nearly 15 hurray array var ay

  12. Anders Højsted Avatar

    That's the age when it becomes legal to have sex in Denmark.

    I don't know about Britain, though. Just remember to play it safe.

  13. infintiyward Avatar

    Happy 15th birthday!

  14. Victor Rico Avatar

    Java is not JavaScript They're two complete different languages. Keep that in mind. Peace

  15. Mona Sharma Avatar

    very nice video for beginners

  16. Raquel Felix Avatar

    ure awsome thanks 🙂

  17. Lok ez Avatar

    he is now 14 and attained puberty….Hurray Hurray 'a'rray

  18. YouDontKnowMe Avatar

    i can tell youre 17 because your name has 1995 in it

  19. Pr3fixProducts Avatar

    I raped your mother.

  20. Lee Lee Avatar

    thanks you boss, but why do you have to say new, even if you are creating more than one arrays

  21. Abhay Deep Avatar

    where has tuna gone and where is ham

  22. Whoa - neo Avatar

    @TheExplodingPumpkin Nothing. Exept arrays.

  23. TheExplodingPumpkin Avatar

    @Decodeish1 What does that have to do with JavaScript?

  24. Braden Best Avatar

    You didn't mention that you can also do these examples because of the loosely typed nature of javascript:

    var names=[1, 52, 23]
    //result: pop-up that says "52"

    var names2 = []
    names2.value1 = "Successful success is successful"
    alert (names2.value1)
    //result: pop-up box that says Successful success is Successful

  25. COD5252 Avatar

    @JScodeZ the title says Javascript Tutorial – 6 and i was following a series with next video Java Tutorial – 6 so i was confused

  26. COD5252 Avatar

    this is not working

  27. vodkacannon Avatar

    Correction: Its not called a 3 dimensional array.*

  28. vodkacannon Avatar

    var 3dpoint = new Array()
    var 3dpoint2 = new Array(x,y,z)

    //sometimes one way is faster
    /*basically how all video games work: they store all their data in 3 dimensional arrays and do the math on the points to turn them into beleiveable 3d polygons. (Its called vector math and without it I wouldnt have bf3)*/

  29. Utubewonderful Avatar

    @shredder8910 Oh GOOD BOY but this s nt right time to learn this bcaz after 21 u ll start to learn this al and now try t play game with u friends then when ll u play game at the age of 25 ah ????? not possible……..think n do ……by well-wisher

  30. SpyCat2020 Avatar

    y did u swtch onto html?

  31. hugh smith Avatar

    great tutorials man
    though they are a bit slow i dont think someone can be that stupid that you have to explain such basic things so thoroughly =P

  32. Hanz Ketchup Avatar

    @ryzanin …That's exactly what he does later.

  33. Tristan McPherson Avatar

    @colll78 Awesome! Im 12 and i do website in html, im not going to do game design. Just Web Design, im gunna learn Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Apache, PHP, and maybe ASP.Net if i have time ;D

  34. thesickbeat Avatar

    @MrMusicPunk @coll78 @munayata38 No one gives a shit, assholes.

  35. adrian5b Avatar

    how does java know what kind of variable you're using for the array?

  36. tony hoss Avatar

    this is fantasticooooo

  37. Chris ter Beke Avatar

    @frodo3332 haha, inDEAD. I think you meant indeed…

  38. jack Avatar

    fuck firefox programmers

  39. Bio Avatar

    alert (nameS[1]);

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