Javascript Tutorial – 7 – Changing and Adding Array Elements

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39 responses to “Javascript Tutorial – 7 – Changing and Adding Array Elements”

  1. Truesilverful Avatar

    document.write(names[i]+ "<br>");

  2. Dhiego Bersan Avatar

    What if i want to remove an element and rearrange the entire array? like
    var x = new Array("lol", "lol2", "lol3", "lol4");
    and I want to remove x[0], so that x becomes ( "lol2", "lol3", "lol4") ?

  3. Kendall Sain Avatar

    Is this Bucky? Sounds like him.

  4. DeDean16 Avatar

    @imaverick07 an array starts counting at 0, so if your array is called myarray and has 5 elements, myarray[4] is the last element of that array

  5. imaverick07 Avatar

    hey.. i can't display name[3]..while running the script it says undefined. it works fine upto name[2].

  6. King of Dongles Avatar

    How do you change the look of alert and prompt boxes?

  7. Zhuoyan Xu Avatar

    @rapblack2 You are wrong. THAT'S ALL I CAN SAY! BUCKY creates some of the best tuts you can ever have.

  8. Chicken Skit Avatar

    wow you teach better then my teacher witch have been a teacher for 15 years ..
    probebly cause hes way faster to explain , and its hard for an ADHD guy like me 😛 hehe i thank you with all my heart ,
    i was thinking to pay you online for skype teaching , what ya say?

  9. RASHTG Avatar

    var A = "rapblack2";
    var B = new Array(" doesn't have a high school diplomat"," is a loser");
    alert(A + B[0]);

  10. RASHTG Avatar

    @LordShiding I haven't tried it but I don't think you gonna get anything. You may get an output if you use: alert(names + " are all douchebags");

  11. razban01 Avatar


    Easy to follow, easy to understand, informative, and exceptionally planned.

    Thanks a million.

  12. ITIMMYII Avatar

    Urgh I Dont really care if your 12, wow your learning programming, Keep learning and have get a job in the buisness when your old enough :)!!!

  13. T1melimit Avatar

    @chad362wiley I can tell you're 12 by seeing that you couldn't take that obvious (despite not funny) joke.

  14. Nithin kumar Avatar

    man this is a great job! thanks a lot,

  15. chad362wiley Avatar

    @Pleeb22 really? i just wrote that for youtube watch my x1 vid i did comentary, if you cant tell m 12, youre a fuckin retard

  16. darrell cruz Avatar

    These tutorials is very easy to understand, you're a retard if you don'y learn javascript with these videos. I wonder who is the one person that dislikes this vid? A retard perhaps?

  17. WannaSeeWhatYouGot Avatar

    @dragonfighterz123 i know c/c++/c# html php and now doin' javascript + i can work with darkGDK and studying XNA but it doesn't make me any special couze i know that with basics u wont go far. It's anything special ^^ only hard works job. Think again what're u talking about.

  18. chad362wiley Avatar

    Btw im 12 and now I completely understand this

  19. chad362wiley Avatar

    All your videos are awesome your a life saver thank you

  20. Konu Irie Avatar

    @dragonfighterz123 that makes you special?

  21. Jordan Richards Avatar

    dont worry man… your one thumbs down was just some drunk dude… he must have seen two thumbs up 😀

  22. Scripter4ever Avatar

    Your tutorials are very helpful and awesome. 😉 Thank you for teaching us JS.

  23. Derrick Holmes Avatar

    Awesome tutorial 2 thumbs up!! Thanks

  24. YourMistakes Avatar

    what is the program you are typing in ??

  25. existenceisrelative Avatar

    Why not just re-order your numbers while adding one?

  26. yomst Avatar

    perhaps, you may just need to hold the existing value into a temporal variable, then append it back to the top array, i.e:


    var temp=names[2]
    names[2]="new person"

    *Correct me if i'm wrong.

  27. canucksfan94 Avatar

    lol lets think, the channel says Hometown: RALEIGH, leta think about that…

    maybe it might be RALEIGH?


  28. Jai Heart Avatar

    ¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ post to 9 other vids
    ¨°º¤ø„¸ Copy „ø¤º°¨ press F5 twice
    ¸„ø¤º°¨Paste “°º¤ø„¸ OK
    ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º look at ur background

  29. Evan Palley Avatar

    awesome…but where are you from? mild accent.

  30. Jeel Shah Avatar

    crystal clear quality awesome

  31. Jason Andrews Avatar

    thank you very much for the help

  32. Gorion79 Avatar

    thank you so much for helping me learn this, you rock

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