jQuery Tutorial – 1 – Introduction to jQuery

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24 responses to “jQuery Tutorial – 1 – Introduction to jQuery”

  1. ADEWUMI Adewale Avatar

    i love all your vedio man

  2. Jamie Dawson Avatar

    If you're just starting this!!!
    Be sure to read the comments if you get stuck. Sometimes there are different tips in the comments that explain why the code won't work (even if it's EXACT same as the code in the video).

  3. Aphp Backend Avatar

    I want bucky…..oh no..

  4. Eichro Avatar

    These videos are over five years old, are they still valuable?

  5. diaracing Avatar

    This channel is all fun before you check how long its playlists are.

  6. Manu Karki Avatar

    He said it's easy at 0:25… then I saw the playlist..

  7. sami ciku Avatar

    aki alex ur killing us

  8. Jawad Ahmed Avatar

    is there a jquery 3.1.0 tutorial

  9. dheerendra singh Avatar

    i have a problem in jquery i made a category page on it i set a counter it is doing well when i clicking on checkboxes only now i want that when i hover on image checkbox show and when i clicked on image checkbox checked and counter decreased .
    i have set the counter up to 10 when 10 checks complete button active wait..

    i have pushed this code on github


    please help me i need help

  10. Xemnas1244 Avatar

    just finished php with 200 videos from alex then i decided to move to jquery My GOD!! it also have 200 video im dying!!!

  11. Travis _ Avatar

    mfw 200 videos for jquery

  12. Rockefeller Avatar

    your tutorials are lightweight- Donald Trump

  13. James Whyte Avatar

    This is a poor substitute for busy…

  14. Jason Miller Avatar

    great teacher!! Bucky knows how to pick the good ones

  15. Wiz World Avatar

    hey Alex nice tut… Can you make this video tut in 1080p or 720p? That'd been great… Thanks

  16. Thuận Hồ Avatar

    Hi Bucky, can i have a link for downloading all 200 videos instead of more than 200 times click on download button?

  17. Georgi Georgiev Avatar

    Thank you very much.
    GOD bless you.

  18. Joseph Chillemi Avatar

    What did you do with bucky?!!

  19. Modi Alyan Avatar

    Best tutorial ever seen about jQuery. Most important teach you with examples and put your foot on the road.
    1,000,000 thanks Alex, you are the best 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. xufeng yuan Avatar

    this is the best tutorial about jQuery.

  21. Juan Battini Avatar

    where the hell is bucky !!

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