jQuery Tutorial – 188 – Multiple file upload

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9 responses to “jQuery Tutorial – 188 – Multiple file upload”

  1. Gonçalo Silva Avatar

    Can you make a video completing this one sending the uploads to a email with the php?? thank you

  2. victor sotto Avatar

    Hi alex! very nice tutorial. just like to know how do i automatically add new input file field (after selected an item) instead of clicking the button?

  3. SmithsRichard Avatar

    Watch PHP tutorials bro. Alex has shown in detail how to do that. 🙂

  4. SmithsRichard Avatar

    fifteenth! 😀

  5. uNreaL4011 Avatar

    This tutoiral is not help me at all :S you didn't write php code

  6. sergyu123456 Avatar

    I already know the channel. Thanks a lot though 😀 I know some OOP in php now but I´ve moved on to java.

  7. Philip Kane Avatar

    To further improve your PHP checkout the youtube member:JREAMDESIGN! it has a detail sets of tutorial on object- oriented PHP

  8. sergyu123456 Avatar

    Awesome, mate! I feel so fluent now in php and soon jquery all because of you!

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