jQuery Tutorial – 51 – Hover over description

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21 responses to “jQuery Tutorial – 51 – Hover over description”

  1. Armbreakfire Avatar

    As @mihailacusteanu1 mentioned, you can solve scrolling issues by using e.pageX and pageY instead e.clientX and e.clientY. Thank you so much for that comment!

  2. Ge Liu Avatar

    mouseenter and mouseleave also work

  3. ilovefootball09 Avatar

    Thanks for everything bro. I will keep your contact information , because God wouldn't forgive me if I become rich and do not give something back to the guys that taught me almost everything I know about PHP. lol

  4. Maksim Novikov Avatar

    its nice tutorial but  you also can use "title" atribute in Html more simple

  5. jautrsezis Avatar

    what is difference between mouseleave and mouseout? Both working the same.

  6. Didnt read LOL Avatar

    Awesome. Thank you again Alex.

  7. PicoriPi Avatar

    And anyone wanting to use this on a real page just use the HTML5 title attribute. 0 Javascript and better performance. This is still a good learning exercise though.

  8. William Abboud Avatar

    An important note to everyone doing this:
    1st Definetely use mousemove ,not mouseenter or mouseover
    2nd Use e.pageX and e.pageY

  9. kazu20091000 Avatar

    GREAT! I am Japanese though, there is no Japanese who teaches anything like this radically and thoroughly on Youtube.

  10. wesley1wan Avatar

    also show() should be change, use fadeIn("fast") is better.

  11. Zapdo Extras Avatar

    where you have .show and .hide can you change them to .fadeIn and .fadeOut to make it cooler.

  12. Rahil Wazir Avatar

    incredible thank you alex

  13. pall1969 Avatar

    Bless you Alex!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! It is a pleasure to learn with you.
    And Thank you to Bucky!!!

  14. Dillon Flaherty Avatar

    Thank you very much for these videos, they were very helpful and I learned a lot!!

  15. Rafique Mohammed Avatar

    instead of mouseover nd mouseout we can use .hover() ryt??

  16. Nathan Taylor Avatar

    Is there any way of getting the div to show up on the left side of the cursor, if the div touches the right side of the screen?

  17. Angelo Miranda Avatar

    Thanks, Alex! Great Tutorial.

  18. willzurmacht Avatar

    Perfect!!!! Thanks thenewboston and Alex! 😉

  19. Kevin Sheppard Avatar

    ya, client did not work, I use page in replace of client.

  20. mihailacusteanu1 Avatar

    @jr5000pwp that can be solved using e.pageX and pageY instead e.clientX and e.clientY

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