jQuery Tutorial – 74 – Stop

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24 responses to “jQuery Tutorial – 74 – Stop”

  1. Jahid Hasan Avatar

    very useful video , thanks

  2. 0wner03 Avatar

    Bucky can make a tutorial for that.

  3. Kris Hunt Avatar

    But then people wouldn't know how to spell "mandatory" or end sentences with punctuation.

  4. Mo Ista Avatar

    thumps up if you think learning on the internet is much better to understand than at school.

  5. TheChrisnextel Avatar

    Hello Alex! I jumped to this tutorial because I got a task that needs to be done asap but I'll be sure to check out all other vids when I get the chance. Anyway, I wanted to ask if all the functions in jQuery file includes every function, or are there other functions that need to be downloaded and pasted manually? I'm new to jQuery by the way so I hope you'll answer my newbie question 🙂

    Excellent video, very clear explanation, simple to understand, no wonder Bucky likes them too 🙂

  6. Cub Avatar

    @WalkingFearless joj

  7. frankfill2050 Avatar

    both stfu…and learn some jQ…!!

  8. Cub Avatar

    @WalkingFearless You just need more JOJ!!!!!!!!

  9. TheCompGame Avatar

    WDF!! stop fighting over a damn comment….
    Also im gonna start using all of these tutorials once i finish the Java tutorials.

  10. Cub Avatar

    @TFVGames nou

  11. Cub Avatar

    @TFVGames not the point, it was your choice to react negatively :/

  12. Cub Avatar

    @TFVGames lol i didn't start anything, i just told you to stfu but then you decided to rage at me

  13. Cub Avatar

    @TFVGames You should make like the video title, and stop!

  14. Cub Avatar

    @WalkingFearless that doesn't bode well for your argument, though, does it?

  15. Cub Avatar

    @WalkingFearless apparently 5 people agree with me, and you're being the dick by attempting to insult me online proving that you're no better than the 'first'er. checkmate.

  16. Dopp Avatar

    Guys… Discussing on youtube is like the OL for handicapped. If you win, your still a retard!

  17. Cub Avatar

    @TFVGames i never said i was a 'big man', all i'm saying is that you're probably too self-centered to accept defeat

  18. trialpod Avatar

    let them say first lol why do you answer them just ignore that comment god everywhere people say fuck you to "first" but that means you care that someone else where first? you would be all smarter than those trolls if you just ignore them
    and give you opinion about the video not about the fucking trolls god people are ok enough geez

  19. Cub Avatar

    @TFVGames it's true

  20. Diego Avatar


  21. Iron Dome Avatar

    @TFVGames second on youtube. Penultimate in Life

  22. Cub Avatar

    @TFVGames no STFU you're just jealous he got first

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