JQuery Tutorial

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01:44 Target & Style Elements
17:58 Add & Retrieve Text
24:25 Change Attributes
28:25 Event Handling
40:06 Animations
45:54 JQuery UI
1:05:46 JQuery & Ajax






29 responses to “JQuery Tutorial”

  1. Md. Razun Mia Avatar

    This tutorial is really really good for those persons who are want to learn JQuery as less time as possible. I personally like it so much. Thanks a lot for it.

  2. Felipe Ferreira Avatar

    You know whats really cool about JQ?
    How you are Target/select multiple things in one query.
    I recently found out about this.
    so if you have multiple rows and columns in your code you can target as such.
    $(".col-lg-6:eq(2) .square:eq(2)").css("backgroundColor","green");
    Note that counting for programs starts at one so in this case I am targeting the 3rd Row and the 3rd Column

  3. Sean Black Avatar

    Hi what is the protocol for when to use Square Brackets & when to use parentheses? In href Google you use opening and closing square, but in mail to, only one square? Any advice very much appreciated.

  4. Alin Lupoiu Avatar

    great video. thank you!

  5. Lawrence Lo Avatar

    Thank you! Your crash course on jquery is EXCELLENT.

  6. Top Hot 5 Avatar

    666K subscribers illuminati confirmed lol

  7. Jeff Mak Avatar

    Great Job.. the tempo was intense, you must write code like a mad man. I'm moving on to your Javascript tutorial.
    Thanks for putting these presentations together.

  8. Muhammad Murad Avatar

    Good Job Derek….love you!

  9. suman_supertramp Avatar

    Thanks a lot Derek! Keep on doing the good work!!!

  10. Jak Kjs Avatar

    hi Derek I have a problem whit in jQuery animate in (44:29) the function is not working and I try and try and I Cheng position relative .than absolute but its not working I working on winds 7 please I wait for your reply . thank u

  11. Atraye Ghosh Avatar

    thank you so much for clearing many doubts. Thanks a lot


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  13. Sanket Khed Avatar

    derek is better than all other youtubers who teaches programming because they mostly teach theory but derek focuses on programming thanks for that sir.

  14. Fernando Acevedo Avatar

    Just out of curiosity why not doing all that styling with CSS3?

  15. Azat Kadyrov Avatar

    thanks man i really appreciate your work

  16. Johnito Wangach Avatar

    Keep up the good work Derek! I love all your videos!!!

  17. Rit Man Avatar

    one of the best tutorials ever.. this is PACKED with good info thank you Derek

  18. Run Da Trap Avatar

    Is li with the name attribute even valid HTML? I have never seen this before.

  19. Brian Tep Avatar

    of all the people name "Derek Banas" that I know of, you're definitely the coolest

  20. Basit Amjad Avatar

    am I the only one thinking that this guy sounds like eli the computer guy

  21. pavan kumar Avatar

    Very useful, thank you..

  22. Davor Krilic Avatar

    what editor are you using?

  23. Seba Avatar

    Muchas gracias…agradezco el excelente trabajo y aporte a la comunidad…saludos desde Argentina.

  24. P Kul Avatar

    Very good thanks
    I should have learn this before others language to save my headache.
    Example a lot of rails commands include javascript

  25. Sufiyan Budye Avatar

    Derek, You are the Best Tutor online … Gratitude !

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