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Here is a 300 Page book on Julia in a 1 hour video. Julia is a fast, general purpose language that can easily integrate with libraries from numerous languages and has numerous libraries that are of interest especially to mathematically inclined people.

02:06 Variables
02:45 Data Types
04:47 Casting
06:04 Strings
09:20 Conditionals
12:29 Looping
15:31 Arrays
26:11 Tuples
27:50 Dictionaries
30:32 Sets
32:19 Functions
39:14 Anonymous Functions
42:20 Math
44:06 Enums
44:55 Symbols
45:55 Structs
47:21 Abstract Types
49:50 Exception Handling / User Input
51:40 File IO
53:36 Macros






30 responses to “Julia Tutorial”

  1. Derek Banas Avatar

    Learn MatLab in One video is coming next. My computer is dying, so I'll upload the next video after I get a new one 🙁

  2. Stanislav Vladev Avatar

    yeeeeeeeeeeeey he did it!

  3. TyPlaysOnline Avatar


  4. Niles Black Avatar

    What exactly is Julia *for*? Rather; what niche does it fill (that wasn't already full)? This question is for anyone, not just Derek.

  5. FREE AIRDROP Avatar

    hello dog not hello world LOL
    nice Tutorial

  6. Niles Black Avatar

    At 9:13, why would string comparison consider "Takao" greater than "Hiyama"? What metric is being measured, obviously not length or order alphabetically…?

  7. ObinAtor 1 Avatar

    How many languages do you know?

  8. Reventon134 Avatar

    +Derek Banas Right on time! I gasped seeing the notification, because this semester I'm having Scientific Calculations and we'll have to use Julia, Octave and I think also MatLab. Couldn't be more perfect 😀

  9. //valcron1000 Avatar

    I guess someone watched Mirai Nikki recently?

  10. ledzeppeman Avatar

    I love these videos. Thanks for continuing to create these.

  11. RAJOUL TubaLilGuraba Avatar

    I love Julia <3

    ( my ex wife)

  12. Kevin Vandy Avatar

    So it's kind of like Matlab and C, but way better?

  13. Linkin Pаrk Avatar

    And in the far east, in the country of Northen Macedonia, there is a guy that is still studying Pascal :DD

  14. asdfqwerty2000 Avatar

    Can you explain lambda calculus?

  15. Selcuk Caglar Avatar

    I think we should consider Rust programing new version. There is a trade-off between safety and easiness. Rust safety gives me performance boost at parallel executions. There is no memory interferance. But julia has trackdown all the varible for thread safety. Julia deosn't throw an any error or warning for memory interferance issue.

  16. Solitude SF Avatar

    if you're covering hipster languages now, could you cover Nim later?

  17. Julia Yvr Avatar

    Yay. I've been meaning to

  18. Masoud Rousta Avatar

    Now Julia in one video. This channel is wonderful and you're awesome Derek. Thanks for the tutorial

  19. Ali Hussein Avatar

    Thank you 🙂

  20. Stefan Randa Avatar

    Hey Derek, great vid, really glad you covered Crystal too!

    Would you consider making a video on Haxe?

  21. Chimsaongayxua96 Avatar

    Please do ReactJS 🙁 Thanks for the video too of course.

  22. BLOOMS Avatar

    thank you derek bananas after this tutorial I learned everything about the Julia language and I joined the dev team full time working on lifetime concurrency, atomics, and memory models. This taught me everything I needed to know. From if statements, to julia's jit garbage collector's sweep analysis. much appreciated! By the way, we are adding a Derek keyword in version 1.1. stay tuned

  23. Mohammad Hamza Avatar

    Thanks to the Great Derek

  24. Exodus Avatar

    Thank you very much Derek 🙂 Please do a voting in the community section. I would love to see programming a compiler video(lexing, parsing etc..) please like if you agree!

  25. JC Q Avatar

    Thanks derek!1!

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