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Kotlin is a fantastic language that improves greatly upon Java and at the same time can use all Java libraries and frameworks. It provides both the power of OOP and functional programming. It is quickly becoming the language of choice for developing Android apps. In this video I will cover what you’d learn about the core syntax of Kotlin in a 300 page book all in one video.

00:30 MacOS Install
02:49 Windows Install
04:30 Data Types
12:07 Casting
13:45 Strings
20:43 Arrays
25:52 Ranges
29:54 Conditionals
30:24 If
32:21 When
34:02 For
35:18 While
40:23 Functions
50:44 Higher Order Functions
56:40 Collection Operators
1:01:00 Exception Handling
1:03:05 Lists
1:08:00 Maps
1:10:50 Classes
1:16:00 Inheritance
1:18:12 Interfaces
1:22:22 Null Safety

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24 responses to “Kotlin Tutorial”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    Hi Derek. What do you think about new languages like Nim or Crystal? Both are statically typed and compiled languages with Python like (Nim) or Ruby like (Crystal) syntax.

  2. Zaid Alkhishman Avatar

    Great introduction, thanks for that.

    One thing I think you overcomplicated to a point where I couldn't follow is the factorial function.
    In javascript, this is simply

    function fact(x){
    if (x==0) return 1;
    return x * fact(x-1)

    I'm not really sure why you had to do what you had to do there. Can you please explain?

    You can test this code simply by pasting it into your browsers inspector:

    function fact(x){
    if (x==0) return 1;
    return x * fact(x-1)

    It will return 120 as yours did

  3. Vitalii Dmitriev Avatar

    That is how I know I'm on the Derek's channel.

  4. smart Chandan Avatar

    hello sir
    please tell me
    what types of application for editing video

  5. Ahmed Ali Avatar

    what about kotlin in action book ??

  6. Fuk Yo Avatar

    Thanks a lot for your great tutorials.
    I don't know if you can help me out.
    I'm looking for the simplest way to use the TextToSpeach library in kotlin. By any chance do you have any reference on how to? The simplest one, like
    val txt = "Hello World"
    And then the process to reproduce that text?
    Thank in advance
    I have looked everywhere without any success
    Thank you

  7. Machine Editör Avatar

    Çok teşekkür ederim kardeşim iyi kaynak :).Im from Turkey :D.Im programmer 😀 Thank you bro 😀

  8. smit patil Avatar

    Why you didn't show for Linux ??? Thats Unfair for us !!!!

  9. Ruli Parulian Avatar

    Hi Sir, You have to Start with Android Studio.
    please…. be the first

  10. Midosh Brown Avatar

    your channel is like a virtual university, an amazing place to learn something new, you are awesome Derek…

  11. ryn1x Avatar

    Is a "Learn Julia in One Video" on your todo list by any chance?

  12. WhatzGames Avatar

    Hey Derek, you're really doing awesome work, i'm just pretty amazed about all the things you are teaching us as it just seems so much, i realy have a lot of respect of what you're doing here

    But aside of that, may it be possible to do some teaching about the Seed7 Language? It's a pretty interesting language as you can actually extend it's syntax and it's not really that popular, at least for as far as I could find out…
    It would be really great 🙂

  13. beastar 457 Avatar

    Hello Derek, Can you Please Help me understand use of Dagger2 in android with simple example Thank you I am waiting your response.

  14. Tomas CaseyWilcox Avatar

    I like the occasional chuckle.

  15. GobblowGalaxyGamer Avatar

    What is the name of this operator: ->

  16. GobblowGalaxyGamer Avatar

    So basically collection operators are functions you can use on collections such as lists, arrays, etc. Correct?

  17. Chris Berns Avatar

    If anyone is interested learning about floats and doubles was really fascinating. I found exploring this a bit further rewarding.

  18. Ritesh Kumar Maurya Avatar

    which screen recorder do you use for recording full hd videos?
    Give me a link to download this.

  19. Muhammad Junaid Avatar

    Please do tutorial on MEAN Stack Languages Please. You teach so good save so much time.. liked every single video of yours. !! love you derek !!

  20. Eashvitz Avatar

    Hi Derek. I read in your comments that you are teaching kotlin for android. Are you planning to put up your courses on udemy or patreon?

  21. Jesse Ω Avatar

    What difference between var/val ?

  22. GobblowGalaxyGamer Avatar

    Can you explain what the dollar sign does because I'm still confused on that? Also, does the dollar sign have to do with something called string templates in Kotlin?

  23. Λεωνιδας Φραγκιουδακης Avatar

    I guess it's not a problem using the Android Studio v3.0

  24. Ben Smith Avatar

    Fantastic tutorial Derek!! I became confused at the very last section for null handling. What worked for me:

    var nullVal2 = returnNull()
    if(nullVal2 != null) {

    which won't print because it IS null.

    Also the !! operator doesn't force a null assignment, it forces a null pointer exception at run time.

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