Learn CSS (Tutorial) – Basics + Selectors (For Absolute Beginners)

In this video we learn how to add basic styles to a page with CSS. Check out my “Get a Developer Job” course:

You can also view this same lesson material in written form:

Topics covered in this video:
Linking to an external style sheet
CSS Syntax
Type Selectors
ID Selectors
Class Selectors
Descendant Selectors

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41 responses to “Learn CSS (Tutorial) – Basics + Selectors (For Absolute Beginners)”

  1. sri hari Avatar

    Very nice…Kindly upload the HTML 5 tutorials as well
    Thanks in advance!!!!!

  2. Arthur Klisiewicz Avatar

    you are excellent teacher !

  3. Robert Callan Avatar

    LearnWebCode is the best teacher period.

  4. Ci Boz Avatar

    thank s alot
    . i been learning front end development last few month but i am a bit discouragedd. because few friends told me; dont learn coding websites because soon everyone can do it without coding at all. they wont be coding web jobs .. wix. wordpress… what s ur opinion ?

  5. Vasudevan S Avatar

    Thank you for your benevolence – very very clear, simple and easy to understand.

    In learning you will teach
    And in teaching you will learn

  6. Holden Gerth Avatar

    I've watched too many videos to count and this literally is the only one worth watching

  7. Brianne Manyette Avatar

    What program are you using to write in?

  8. janez novak Avatar

    nice tutorial, thanks

  9. Musah Ibrahim Avatar

    Please to call your self a programmer must you understand everything and must be able to do any task in what you have learnt ?

  10. Michael Thompson Avatar

    Like the way you explained it. Made it easy to follow.

  11. jaka runi Avatar

    very good explanation , thanks

  12. WALKING DEAD Avatar

    i've noticed something that some times the assigned numeric values are written as either the numeral like os "69"
    and at times they are written as "69px" numeric value along with pixels
    and that too for the same properties
    what is the logic behind this please help
    like padding:69px;

  13. WALKING DEAD Avatar

    nice video but pls tell me the difference between body {}
    and *{}
    i know they affect the all elements but i am sure there is a difference betwen them 2
    pls help.

  14. AlphaMSC Media Avatar

    Amazing job explaining!

  15. Graham Dunne Avatar

    thank you for your help, very good video. 🙂

  16. SHADOWY Avatar

    thanks .I managed to get a C in ICT(I suck at ict)

  17. Mohamed Hallaba Avatar

    This was very useful for me as a total CSS beginner. Thanks buddy!

  18. Adi Nagary Avatar

    i just want to say. You are a fantastic teacher. helped me out immensely.

  19. Tobias Avatar

    Thanks dude CSS is important for me

  20. Cheeky Delta Avatar

    Hello, does someone please know how he miraculously transformed h1 into <h1></h1> with a single click? I'm sure that there is a shorcut for it but I'm not even sure how to ask Google about it… I'm a beginner and I think this trick would help me massively! Thank you

  21. Leo trance Avatar

    I've been following some udemy courses about web design and programming…. I have to say that all of those courses including my uni professors weren't as good teacher as you are! Such a great man. Wish you all the best.

  22. Patricia Price Avatar

    The part where it's supposed to turn orange didn't work for me =/ I went over that entire part of the video three times and I can't figure out what I did wrong.

  23. Abby Browne Avatar

    Thank you so much for this!!

  24. MrBrunoTheMan Avatar

    Just what I needed, thanks

  25. jowayne josephs Avatar

    You are awesome…best explanation of css selectors that i've seen!

  26. Thirstypioneer Avatar

    Wish my IT teachers where that straightforward, to the point and clear from the start of my introduction to HTML & CSS. This would have saved me tons of time and frustration. Thanks for the tutorials; I kinda thought I’ve covered everthing I needed to know, but going back to basics was really worth the time, because they’ve haven’t told me anything about descendant selectors or how to style every other row in tables (from table tutorial you’ve uploaded).

    Now the main thing of the course was just to create a non-responsive website. I was disappointed about that, and have to learn that myself and also watched those tutorials and all was very clear.

    Doing the JavaScript and jQuery tutorials now and again I’ve started noticing parenting is again a very important subject that is covered very easy here from the start, so that was very useful information I have in the pocket now thanks to you. So many thanks for that!

    Wrestling now with C# at the university and well: I see now it’s not that easy at all and need to practise a lot. That’s why I have some questions:

    As a web developer, do you really want to design a website by yourself from scratch, instead avoiding the complex coding and save some time with Bootstrap, or just make a WordPress webpage? Does making use of Bootstrap or WordPress limit the way you can customize your webpage and what functionalities you can add, meaning designing a webpage from scratch is the better and more original way, but also the toughest way to do it! Meaning you’ll have to learn how to create a website all the way from the back-end to the front-end, which involves a lot of programming courses and years of studying and practise. And then you can still decide to save time and add some Bootstrap elements? I mean time is a critical factor for the overall cost of a website, and to create a whole ecommerce web shop from scratch is so much more expensive than just using WordPress. How does one find a balance between originality and cost? Sorry for all those questions, but since you are more experienced than me, I’d like to know your view about this?

  27. Yassin Ghariani Avatar

    good explication (y) thank you

  28. EXPAND DONG Avatar

    Guys I just ate an entire packet of kool aid

  29. Anton Gabriel Avatar

    Thanks for making these videos! It really helps me with my studies!! 🙂

  30. Cherushi the MC 911 Avatar

    Thank you! I didn't understand well what my teacher in computer just taught us. I also liked the way you type 🙂

  31. Videos On Your Website Avatar

    Very very helpful. Thanks,

  32. Borna Avatar

    Can you plizz help? My .css file won't work well. It just won't work

  33. Jake Muniak Avatar

    great stuff man- easy to follow cheers

  34. Matthew Ake Avatar

    This guy has a massively obnoxious voice.

  35. Mehdi Nijay Avatar

    thanks alot bro, that was very helpfull

  36. Sam Razzy Avatar

    can you please tell mw which is that software used ???

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