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In this tutorial I show how to use 50 different tags in HTML. I then give an example of each. This video was done because of a dare and you’ll either love it or hate it. I hope you love it of course.
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43 responses to “Learn HTML in 15 Minutes”

  1. PX Polymath Avatar

    Is that you, Mark Crilley?

  2. Hey YouTube. Fuck you. Avatar

    Now I can sell ALL the anime porn!

  3. K. ALMAZ Avatar

    programming badass

  4. Najiba Wajiha Mahboob Avatar

    there is a dotted underline under ASAP when I open the file in Chrome. how can I get rid of it?

  5. Neblechim Avatar

    what about <div> and <!– comments –>

  6. Akash Drakath Avatar

    Plz sub my channel who all are humans

  7. Prophet1O1 Avatar

    This video is a lie. It says it will learn us HTML in 15 minutes but the video itself is only 14 and a half minutes long. 🙁

  8. rj tenestrante Avatar

    what application do u use to make ur videos?

  9. Persnickery Baker Avatar

    first line is too complicated you can just use <!DOCTYPE html> thats it you making your tutorials tooo hard man please

  10. vqfive Avatar

    thank you for showing how to make an image to HTML you saved me so much headache!

  11. dj miXin Avatar

    Thanks for that super view man you just forgot to introduce divs which divides all of your content and then you could position with CSS

  12. Drin Ramadani Avatar

    make Learn PHOTOSHOP in one video

  13. Voldo22314 Avatar

    if your a pretty intelligent person this is the best video ever. so much information so fast. couldnt be more effective

  14. Bibek Samal Avatar

    i cant understand

  15. nitro man Avatar

    15 mins is all it took u are freaking awesome 🙂

  16. Shadowburn Avatar

    What about using HTML5?

  17. Richard Brown Avatar

    Sounds like the NARD DOG!

  18. Nguyen Duc Hoang Avatar

    thanks for excellent tutorial

  19. Muditsh Avatar

    Nice Tutorial , at a nice and understandable pace. Like !

  20. Erich Macher Avatar

    I love your series. You have a great knack for resuming the material and catch all the useful stuff. Thanks.

  21. Yusuf Mohamed Salh Avatar

    I like and hate the video at the same time,yet thank you.

  22. Yaakov Reed Avatar

    Not many people will remake a video because someone said it sucked. Aaand,…. give credit for the criticism. Kudos for you. Thumbs up.

  23. Salma M Avatar

    teach me how to create form on html

  24. Forge Avatar

    wtf this is for beginers? what is that meta?

  25. Justin Robertson Avatar

    Thank you Derek for taking the time to make these videos. I am learning at a much faster pace through your tutorials, than codecademy has done for me!

  26. David-Lucian Gindila Avatar

    Hello there, Derek! Very nice tutorial! It was a very good recap for me.. You could extend this video with another one, by explaining div tags and their use! Good luck 😀

  27. Jessica Vázquez Avatar

    Excellent video, but to those viewing today, this is now outdated. This is HTML 4. The standard these days is HTML 5, much simpler to get going with. I recommend everyone go look for a more updated tutorial. 😉

  28. Vikas S Acharya Avatar

    man u r not teaching us …. and u are really good and at the end i understand only bla bla bla bla bla……

  29. Gabriel Brito Avatar

    Hey Derek Banas this vid was created in 2011. Is this stuff still relevant or is there a newer video version of this?

  30. Mono Me Avatar

    I was really overwhelmed by all the videos on youtube, that do not teach much (no all of course) however your video gave me hope, thanks so much for your tutorials 🙂 wish you all the best!

  31. The OM Project Avatar

    I'm learning so much from all your videos. Thank you!

  32. letsroll Avatar

    i suggest you look at newboston tutorials, i see these type of videos as a review since i haent touched html in a while

  33. Maurice Williams Avatar

    Ì want to learn how to program but it's just so difficult and I loss interest.

  34. Warren Carvajal Hernández Avatar

    Somebody can please tell me what framework he is working on? Like PHP or some HTML IDE?

  35. Iona Iobidze Avatar

    what app are u using???

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