Learn HTML – Your First Web Page (For Absolute Beginners)

In this video we learn how to create and save our first web page. Check out my 9 hour web design video course:

You can also view this lesson in written form at

Have you created amazing pages with HTML & CSS and want to move them from your computer’s hard drive to online so the world can see them? The next step is to move your files to a web host. Learn about web hosts and my favorite hosting company:

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13 responses to “Learn HTML – Your First Web Page (For Absolute Beginners)”

  1. THM_ALEXEIS Avatar

    This video should make you proud. Today, the web has gone deeper.
    Can't help, but smiled at google's home page & Mozilla interface.

  2. Jacqueline walker Avatar

    you go to your browser than later on it is not there

  3. Jacqueline walker Avatar

    why h1 instead of the usual order???

  4. hello world Avatar

    morons everywhere

  5. hello world Avatar

    this dude everywhere

  6. J Kane Avatar

    Wow! This video will be seven years old on Friday! Still just as relevant and helpful!

  7. nathonas Avatar

    how do you sound older than in your newer videos?

  8. Paolo Vasquez Avatar

    thanks brad for these videos. i'm curious: i launched Text Edit on my Mac, entered <h1>Hello!</h1>, saved it to my desktop as an HTML file, expecting it to return "Hello!" when I load it up on one of the browsers, but curiously it displayed the entire code on the 'webpage'.  it returned exactly what I typed: <h1>Hello!</h1>.

    why is that?

  9. Vicky Franklin Avatar

    You do great videos

  10. jaymarsh127963 Avatar

    This is a noon question. After you've created your web page in notepad, it's great. But what is the next step from notepad to having your page actually online?

  11. Ripple Live Avatar

    These are great. Thanks!

  12. Chad D Avatar

    You're really good at creating these lessons. Keep it up

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