Learn Java Programming in 15 Minutes!

This video tutorial acts as a brief online computer programming course for beginners. In this video, we cover Java software development fundamentals. The Java software development fundamentals covered in this video are:

1. Project Structure
2. Classes, Objects and Variables
3. Inheritance
4. Methods
5. Flow Control

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Download this project’s files at:


“Clean Code” by Robert C. Martin:
“Game Coding Complete” by Mike McShaffry:
“JavaScript and JQuery” by Jon Ducket:


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39 responses to “Learn Java Programming in 15 Minutes!”

  1. TechMaxed Avatar

    What application is that? I need a software to code java. Thanks

  2. Elvis Le Avatar

    wait so why do some people prefer the

    to the

    and vice versa?

  3. matt napper Avatar

    wow for the first time I (for the most part) understand OOP now thanks. I have to take advanced Java for my BS degee, this was an amazing refresher for me!! Thanks

  4. Jesse Carter Avatar

    Dude thank you so much, I already knew Java but it's been a long LONG LOOOOOOONG time since I don't do any Java programming, I was looking for a quick review.
    You have a like and a sub 😀

  5. Mark Steffensen Avatar

    After doing a bunch of lessons with TreeHouse I actually understand all of this and it makes me so happy :3. Great video, very concise!

  6. Sentenced Avatar

    Hard to follow when you're doing one thing in the video and talking about something else. You should've just start another separate video from the first one… a shame really, because the content is good

  7. jacob mrsich Avatar

    I just recently got very interested in programming, and have been grinding away the last couple days trying to learn. within 2 mins of watching you made it Alot more clearer for me in some areas. thank you! cheers man!

  8. calvin yip Avatar

    hi i search ur game development video but u didnt finish it i want to see the result of that series please finish it. I just found ur channel nice teaching

  9. caleb_spears Avatar

    Being a c++ programmer it was really easy to pick up java. Thank You for the helpful tutorial

  10. KVOAL Avatar

    Thanks, I'm a java master now >:)

  11. Jakub Kleban Avatar

    almost same how C++

  12. doonay Avatar

    reload sources files please

  13. BlackHat.xz Avatar

    ETHEL! I couldnt help but notice the creator's image looks like the letter Ethel.

  14. matthew stanley Avatar

    U suck at programming

  15. NoNsToPxs Avatar

    2:34 activate windows now 😀

  16. HUNcamper Avatar

    Love it! Thanks!

  17. joyfulsha Avatar

    I love the big picture video. You did a great job. I like this view of learning then breaking it all down. More videos like this…thank you!

  18. Gipsar Avatar

    why is it so quiet? i have my volume on %100 on my pc and full on youtube

  19. Oleksandr Melnyk Avatar

    I am a developer and I can help you to learning programming for free in skype, I am from Ukraine and I want to improve my English skill. My skype: driverok19

  20. Simon Keisala Avatar

    I started writing a comment on this, erased everything and just felt, "it's not worth the effort". This vid covers maybe 10-20% of java/OO-programming, and it's being thrown to you in such a rapid speed that it's hard to follow unless you have any previous knowledge within programming.

  21. Maurice Williams Avatar

    I'm going to be best at computers in the next 30 years.

  22. IBStudentsTeach.com Avatar

    Hi, this is a very good video, I also made one about how to learn java even faster in 8 minutes (ofcourse it covers not everything and is more for a revision). Take a look if you are interested!

  23. Terry Royer Avatar

    Stupid question: Why do you need to protect your data by adding private? What happens if you don't make it private?

  24. _Klock_ Avatar

    This is fake it is only 14:18 !!!
    (kek a joke comment)

  25. jdsr4c Avatar

    Man I can barely even see the text even zooming in my iPad.

  26. DAZQS Avatar

    Please do this for C#

  27. outuber lolls Avatar

    umm what program is he using

  28. Cogzed Avatar

    Ya I don't get it. I'm not smart enough. Glad some people do though. Nice video.

  29. Di Lung Move it Ya Fool! Avatar

    Dude! You're video is amazing!

  30. David Henley Avatar

    All upper case? It's FINAL

  31. emory grove Avatar

    I now have a job at google. thanks!

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