Learn Objective C Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 7 – Properties

Learning Objective C doesn’t have to be hard! In these tutorials, you will learn Objective C programming syntax, classes and software design patterns so that you can program iOS apps.

Combined with the Learn XCode 4 Tutorial series, you’ll be making iPhone apps in no time!

In this video, we continue to learn about Properties in iOS. You’ll be using Properties a lot when developing iOS apps, so pay attention! 🙂

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My channel, CodeWIthChris, is about all the aspects of building iOS apps. I’ll post video tutorials on Objective C, XCode, how to submit apps to the Apple App Store, and tutorials on building various types of apps or integrating things like analytics, advertisements etc. You might even find the odd app review here or there!

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37 responses to “Learn Objective C Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 7 – Properties”

  1. CDMusicGroup Avatar

    did u ever make a video for delegates ?

  2. Zachariah Cavazos Avatar

    Surprised this video series does not have a higher watch count!

  3. Jo Ro Avatar

    Awesome tutorials. I like how you go through all of the parts of the references.

  4. Daniel Siba Avatar

    Hi buddy, about what contents we would like to see, I will love to see you making an app with Maps that would be awesome, or with accelerometer.

  5. Austin Bush Avatar

    I know this is kind of an old video, but I would love to see a tutorial for how to make a youtube app for your youtube channel, that would show all of your videos in a list form and also have quick access to all of your social network accounts and your website.

  6. sukrutha Kittur Avatar

    I loved your tutorial about ARC and Memory Management. It was very easy to visualize the concepts. 

  7. HolliMolli Avatar

    If weaks deallocate an object eventhough properties refer to an object then when will we use weak? 

  8. Ricardo Rivera Avatar

    hey Chris I just wanted to say I have been going through a lot of your videos and really find them useful! I am really glad I found your videos because you make objective c look easy to learn (although we know it will take a lot of practice to master it!) please don't stop making instructional videos!

  9. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hello Yaro, i actually have done some videos showing how to play mp3 files and i just have to edit them. I'll probably upload them in a week's time!
    Thanks for watching!

  10. Yaro Pan Avatar

    Hi Chris. Nice initiative. Could you please make a video tutorial about putting a mp3 file. And if you go to another viewcontroller how to stop the music in player…

  11. CodeWithChris Avatar

    thanks for taking the time to watch and comment, Luyao!
    I plan to do game tutorials in December or January.

  12. CodeWithChris Avatar

    I will definitely get to animation in due time! Thanks for your comment!

  13. Ivo Donckers Avatar

    Chris, can you show how to make a APP with videostreaming, and add/delete URL's in a database, etc ?

  14. Ivo Donckers Avatar

    Love to work with videostreaming in a APP

    Regards from Belgium EU

    Ivo Donckers

  15. Qasim Rajab Avatar

    Wow that type of app would be great!…When are you thinking to do this type of app?

  16. Qasim Rajab Avatar

    Hey Chris Your tutorials are great! I would be interested in educational apps teaching something and then probably make quiz to see if user has learnt something. Giving awards maybe 🙂
    Or probably having simple apps with basic functionalists like matching, animated images etc

  17. CIPHERJAY Avatar

    You should have a range of apps. Have a series of a range of basic apps that have minimal functionality just like the dice roll one and then have an intermediate and advanced series. Eventually us viewers could sign up to make an app, form a team and we could all contribute to areas of the project and then release it to the app store!

  18. Tommy Olsson Avatar

    I really like your tutorials! I hope you will continue with more. In the future I would like to se tutorials about how to make a log-in to an app. Also server storing like suggested below or other likely feature would be nice, to make ex. news in an app. I will follow your work!


    Let's make it sample… Show us how to build time sheet for bus station with daily, weekly and monthly. I believe it is a easy way and build a confident for who want to be a developer. What I would like to see if you start to do it.
    1- objective-c code with explain step by step
    2- time sheet of bus with view
    3- how to find error and fix it.
    The video should between 15 min and 30 min
    When you start explain new things the screen in youtube show us log like step 1 : objective-c … Keep on

  20. Henry Kaufman Avatar

    Sorry I meant thanks for all of the videos my computer just went weird when writing that.

  21. Henry Kaufman Avatar

    Hey Chris I love your videos. I was wondering if you could start a series on game development. Tanks

  22. Clark Branum Avatar

    I'd like to see some calculations done, math functions, calculators, etc

  23. Joseph Williams Avatar

    Love your videos, old cobal, C++, visual basic access programmer here, learning something new and you make it so easy!

    Would love to learn about writing to sqllite and storing it on a server for a group of people to use.

  24. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hey Luis, strings in objective-C are a class type of NSString so we use a pointer type variable to reference it!

  25. iP4Broadcasting Avatar

    About which kind of app I would like to build: I want to make a tabbed view application with a start screen maybe some animations and some different types of views in every tab. I think about a really simple app. Like an app for a restaurant. First tab: Hi welcome with a graphic. Second tab: the menu. Third tab: opening times, location with built in maps, telephone number. This should be pretty easy to make. But not when you don't know how to start ^^ Thanks Chris

  26. iP4Broadcasting Avatar

    Hey Chris, nice work. I like your videos. I'm coming from a Java background. It would be great if you could make some references like what is similar or different between ObjectiveC and Java. I hope you had Java before :p

  27. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hey Vince, thanks for the support!
    I'm going to assume that you read my 5 part article series for iPhone development aimed at the absolute beginner?? 🙂

  28. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Thanks for the feedback Deepak! I've written it down as one of the videos to make!

  29. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Thanks wakeyman12! I'm thinking of showing you guys how to make a quiz type app that you can repurpose for different themes

  30. ceech Avatar

    the zooming in is awesome. much easier to read. thank chris.

  31. wakeyman12 Avatar

    Can you show us how to make fun game apps? And plus what type of apps you would recommend us creating that would be useful? Thanks, keep it up!

  32. Deepak sahu Avatar

    I think u should make a video in which you describe the function's of character's like ( * [ { ( – @ ; : // , etc. because without knowing the use of these character's we can't be a good programmer's. Thank you.
    Great Work Chris.

  33. Vince Dae Avatar

    Can you recommend any good tut sites/books/videos/podcasts etc? 🙂 (for beginners 🙂

  34. Vince Dae Avatar

    Zooming is great 🙂 keep up them videos brother :):)

  35. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Here's the next episode in the Learn Objective-C series! I have a backlog of comments to respond to, but please continue to comment below and i'll respond to you!

    Also let me know what you think about the zooming

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