Learn Objective C Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 8 – Properties Part 2

Learning Objective C doesn’t have to be hard! In these tutorials, you will learn Objective C programming syntax, classes and software design patterns so that you can program iOS apps.

Combined with the Learn XCode 4 Tutorial series, you’ll be making iPhone apps in no time!

In this video, we continue to learn about Properties in Objective-C.

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8 responses to “Learn Objective C Tutorial For Beginners – Episode 8 – Properties Part 2”

  1. Eleanor Yang Avatar

    The grammar is so confusing.

  2. aseem hegshetye Avatar

    what is the difference between a property and a variable. why cant we just declare a variable and set it after the object is created.. like we do in python. int a; object1.a=10; 

  3. HolliMolli Avatar

    isn't properties suppose to be public by default? And if you make a new instance variable _name that is private? Wont the code go haywire? 

  4. henk henkeinstein Avatar

    I thinks its good that apple makes some changes.

  5. Henry Kaufman Avatar

    I think the new user interface is kind of dumb because people are not going to be used to it so they might be a little confused. I also think that a lot of the new features are somewhat a copy of android. Other than that I think that iOS 7 has a real potential.

  6. chaitanya bansal Avatar

    Dress no-4… =D LOLZ…anyhow nyc videos Chris

  7. CodeWithChris Avatar

    I apologize for the weird aspect ratio of this video! I'll correct this for my next video.

    As always, please leave your questions below and i'll answer them here!

    Please hit the LIKE button to help me out 🙂

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