Learn to Crochet a Hat

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Learn to Crochet :

I loved making my Learn to Crochet video and a bunch of people liked it, so I decided to make another. Previously you learned the most important stitches and how to make scarves, towels, pot holders etc. This time I’ll show you how to make round crochet patterns, an awesome beanie hat and I’ll also show you how to read crochet patterns!

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47 responses to “Learn to Crochet a Hat”

  1. Steve Sam Avatar

    Dude interesting but can't see it very well… to high in camera…

  2. Marijn Feijten Avatar

    Hi Derek,
    I really like the videos you make and you have really taught me a lot.
    I have a request for a new tutorial, could you maybe make a tutorial on how to use LaTeX.
    I use LaTeX a lot and want my friend to as well and it would be awesome to just give them a link to your youtube and let them learn in that way.

  3. ammar helali Avatar

    I can't wait to study your Xamarin course ….. will you teach it ? … and when if you will ?

  4. Ray Larone Avatar

    Oh Mighty Derek! Have you done (and if not, please could you do) a tutorial on the programming language R?
    You're videos are by far the best on the planet!

  5. Pedro Serapio Avatar

    I'm waiting for how to cook!

  6. Gavara Tarun Avatar

    Please make a GIMP series and a Kdenlive series. Atleast a introductory one. I'm sorry if I shouldn't ask this here. Your Inkscape series was awesome.

  7. Ali Raf Avatar

    can you do a video on a search engine called ecosia ? they plant a tree for every search. and have job openings for programmers.

  8. oussama bouchareb Avatar

    when you don't find something to do while your program is compiling XD, I really like your vids.

  9. Dino Zoe Avatar

    You are awesome teacher 🙂

  10. jonathan mndjani Avatar

    Sorry sir i am out of context. What graphics design tool would you suggest to an android developer for android studio?
    I was trying out MagicaVoxel but it does not seem to work with android studio thanks.

  11. haakonht Avatar

    Appreciate the variety!

  12. Tosin Daudu Avatar

    Thank you derek for programming tutorials and much more. You are appriciated.

  13. Josh Magpoc Avatar

    What programming language is this?

  14. Michel Atwood Avatar

    Please make a video on how to knit hats!

  15. Stephen Davis Avatar

    This is pretty cool. I've wanted to learn to crochet for a while.

    Also brother, I love you, but you need to push your cuticles back and apply some oil. Youtube-search some mens' nail-care tutorials.

  16. Jale Viki Avatar

    Jeeeez. C++ was simpler.

  17. HeC Pineapple Avatar

    This man got that good tutorial voice lol

  18. K Parks Avatar

    gnawing excessively on your finger nail is a sign of emending nervous breakdown !!

  19. K Parks Avatar

    …Heck of a deviation !!!

  20. frank engelman Avatar

    Derek. You cover so many topics! Have you considered covering ROS? Thanks, Frank

  21. Nikolas S Avatar

    I wish one day I will be as talented as you are!Ty

  22. jordan killa Avatar

    Finally hardcoding something. NICE

  23. Danielhcp 1 Avatar

    Derek Banas: the only guy you'll know on YouTube that teaches how to program and weave your own clothes for those hard winters of freelance.

  24. Jafar Hussain Avatar

    Es das ein Neu sprache oder

  25. Nonameslol Avatar

    Next video "How to perform a Y Incision"

  26. Banditul Avatar

    So this is how you programimg a hat?

  27. nGon- Avatar

    At first I thought "how on earth did a crocheting video get in my subscription feed". Great video though, I could probably listen to you giving a tutorial on anything and still be entertained 😛

  28. GrandeMOficial Avatar

    I have no idea what I'm watching.

  29. ✘DragaN✪ Avatar

    derek do you think web service is better than android applications?

  30. Asker ville Avatar

    one question does it fit your head?

  31. Eric _ Avatar

    Please teach us how to do stuffed animals.

  32. Vashu4u Avatar

    Hi Derek… amazing and thanks for C videos also. Can you please share a C tutorial on ARP algorithm implementation for network-connected host with a single network adapter. I very much look forward to your help.

  33. 'Carvon Avatar

    is this a js framework?

  34. psyjax2 Avatar

    Is there nothing you can't do!!

  35. Sebi20070 Avatar

    You never fail to surprise me

  36. Stalin Smilin Avatar

    this guy is bodacious, is there anything he can't do. wow just wow 🙂

  37. Stalin Smilin Avatar

    this guy is bodacious, is there anything he can't do. wow just wow 🙂

  38. damerkman Avatar

    Is there ANYTHING this man can't teach?

  39. Ravengoat89 Avatar

    I'm going to create programming language and call it crochet, so he could make a video tutorial for it 😀

  40. babu thomas Avatar

    funny funny ..really it from u or ur wife

  41. Nautilus Avatar

    This was surprisingly relaxing to watch.

  42. Imran Isak Avatar

    Still, tho, appreciate you do tutorials on EVERYTHING

  43. Imran Isak Avatar

    Wait wait wait…
    I was learning Java on this channel recently…

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