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Many people asked me to make a tutorial that teaches how to program and so here it is. I’ll be teaching how to program through problem solving which I think is the best way to learn. Python is the best first language and so I’ll use Python 3.5 to teach. And, based on your requests I will use PyCharm in this tutorial series.

I cover receiving input, printing to the screen, doing math, comparison operators, logical operators, if, elif, else and a whole lot more.

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38 responses to “Learn to Program”

  1. Chris Carter Avatar

    The hello world program would not work on pycharm

  2. Nour El-din Ahmed Avatar

    Is that good:age = eval(input("Enter your/your son's age "))
    grade = age – 5
    if (age == 5):
    print("go to Kindergarten")
    elif (age >=6 ) and (age <= 17):
    print("go to grade ".format(grade))
    elif (age > 17) and (age < 23):
    print("go to college")
    elif (age < 5) or (age > 23):
    print("You shouldn't go to school")

  3. Bose s Avatar

    Hi, if you have a github account, can i follow you…thanks

  4. ouriel gananian Avatar

    Your vids are helping me so much, thank you

  5. Justin Chan Avatar

    guys, would these video tutorials be a good starting point and once I finished them, I shall then move on to books?

  6. Hellkite78753 Avatar

    Thank you for these great tutorials. I have learned so much from you.

  7. The One Avatar

    I have 64-bit windows 8.1, should i install the x64 version of python?

  8. Tranculent Avatar

    Absolutely love your videos ! <3

  9. Jayden Wyatt Avatar

    Mile conversion code that I made:

    miles = input("Input Miles: ")
    miles = int(miles)

    kilometer = 1.60934

    miles_convert = miles * kilometer

    print ("{} miles is equal to {} kilometers".format(miles, miles_convert))

  10. Ominator Avatar

    nothing shows up when i click run 🙁

  11. Jimmy Tran Avatar

    Thank you very much for this playlist! I'm starting today and hopefully I'm done within 45 days! Wish me Luck!

  12. Pajama Panda Pants Avatar

    Only the 'best of the best' would think to provide a link to the whole series, and thereby the first video in the series, as an extra link in the description of his 20th video in the playlist. Your videos are an excellent resource for many, many, people. Thank you for all of your hard work

  13. Faze Trafton Avatar

    Loving this series, my computer programming instructor introduced me to you, and I'm love it!

  14. Alchad Plays Avatar

    how to install it for linux.

  15. Fpscombat Avatar

    Hey Derek, been checking out your videos and will be focusing on this series! One problem, the interactive tutorial with quiz isn't working. Thanks

  16. Omar Al-Jarrah Avatar

    @Derek what will be able to do after i complete watching all your playlist learn to program


  17. Max Airbnb Avatar

    @Derek Banas – Dude I love your vids. God bless you.

  18. Darth Salsa Pants Avatar

    Can you use idle for this series?

  19. Darth Salsa Pants Avatar

    How long did it take you to master programming? I started programming when I was 25. I am 26 now, I barely know how to make an app.

  20. Bayu Tech Avatar

    thanks for the tutorial

  21. Austin Dowdy Avatar

    I Have seen all of these python tuts. I still can;t figure out how to display command file logs into another window.i mean like created gui tried implementing text from config.log i get nothing. it is supposed to display the newest line that appears and if previous line == same don't display. If anyone could help with something similar so i could learn how to do it on my own that would be awesome i just need a page of reference or any help really. i haven't gotten anywhere with it so you could probably find a better gui on google.

  22. BBE Cubing Avatar

    i did it, im proud of myself

    def start():
    # recieve a number of miles
    miles = int(input("Please enter a number of miles : "))
    # convert to kilometers
    kilometers = miles * 1.60934
    # print number of miles = number of kilometer
    print("{} miles is equal to {} kilometers".format(miles, kilometers))

    however, i didn't add a try and except, so as long as u don't give it π miles, it's all good

  23. Jake Ambrose Avatar

    ……..ugh im exhausted trying to figure this out.

  24. Le Douce Avatar

    Love the mini quizzes in between, really helpful. Keep it up bro 🙂

  25. Ali-Riza Toprak Avatar

    lets to the next language with Derek Banas. : )

  26. Daniel Huang Avatar

    Is this applicable to python 2.7?

  27. etisdew Avatar

    You're awesome man, so glad you have a Python 3 solution as well.

  28. Jake Ambrose Avatar

    also btw immeasurably appreciated as im aggressively trying to become great in the tech world and its tough finding a path and resources especially being late to it in life and no time or money for schooling or camps yet

  29. Jake Ambrose Avatar

    i thought u only did fast reviews of subjects. i was so glad to find this and find out u do this education style as well. youre a reward deserving level teacher. after so much disappointed searching yours seems the best ive found. u do every aspect of teaching perfect

  30. Michael Eaton Avatar

    I have question?
    How do you build a program from source code ? From sites like github for example in cmd? I am new to building from source code.

  31. Ka Boom Avatar

    can I learn coding on my laptop , it has an outdated Intel pentium processor and 4 gigs of ram . I can't afford to upgrade for a while . Do you think it would be better to take loan to get a better system or just go with my old laptop ? I am a student .

  32. Arunasva Bhuyan Avatar

    Why does this code automatically print what is after the else statement ? Please anyone ?

    num1 = int(input("enter a number"))
    num2 = int(input("enter second number"))
    operator = input("enter operation")

    if operator == "+":
    result = num1 + num2
    print (result)

    elif operator == "-":
    print("{} – {} = {}".format(num1, num2, num1 – num2))

    elif operator == "*":
    print("{} * {} = {}".format(num1, num2, num1 * num2))

    elif operator == "/" :
    print("{} / {} = {}".format(num1, num2, num1 / num2))

    print("Use either + – * or /")

  33. Ka Boom Avatar

    what languages should I learn to make a social networking website ?

  34. Arunasva Bhuyan Avatar

    is anything wrong with doin it like this ?

    miles = input('Enter miles ')
    miles = int(miles)
    print (miles , "miles equals" , miles*1.60934)

  35. Jesper Locher Avatar

    This is too much fun.

  36. Krishna Rajput Avatar

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/home/krishna/Desktop/python/arithmetic.py", line 33, in <module>
    num1, num2 = input('Enter 2 numbers : ').split()
    File "<string>", line 1
    2 3
    SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing

  37. Krishna Rajput Avatar

    input().split() function gives run time error

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