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In this tutorial series I’ll show all the free tools I used while learning Japanese over the last 2 months. I’ll cover how I learned Hiragana, Katakana, and over 2,100 Kanji. I show how to use an awesome app named Anki for learning everything. Then I’ll cover the tools I’m using to study 10,000 of the most used Japanese words. I also show a browser extension that translates Japanese and a free version of the popular Pimsleur course that allows for studying on your computer or phone.

All of the links mentioned are here. I’ll make a video once per month to both monitor my progress and give tips on what is working for me.

Anki :
Hiragana :
Katakana :
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29 responses to “Learning Japanese”

  1. Derek Banas Avatar

    Many people have asked for a premade Kanji deck and this one is highly recommended https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/798002504 When you design your cards I'd leave out a large amount of the information aside from the definition, mnemoni, and Kanji. If you try to learn pronunciation at the same time it will be very very hard from my experience. If there is anything else I can do to help please ask.

  2. LC Lin Avatar

    The words on your thumbnail is Chinese

  3. akab211 Avatar

    Learning everything everywhere!

  4. Danger King Avatar

    group study session stream?

  5. Izumi Koushiro Avatar

    If anyone else is giving Japanese a shot and finds Anki annoying to use try out WaniKani, it's made by Koichi and his team (same people that made textfugu/tofugu) he also has a dead youtube channel, pretty cool hoopy frood who knows where his towels at. It is free for the first 3 levels but starts pretty slow, don't worry you'll be drowning in lessons and reviews after a few weeks.

    Use that along with the Genki and Learning Japanese I course on Memrise. Memrise has both a mobile and Web App.

    Also if you can afford it buy the Genki 1 book and associated workbook, if you can't afford it just go ahead and pirate it. Japanese could use a few more speakers/readers so who cares how you obtain a frankly too expensive book. It's a great book and having a physical copy would be great motivation i'm sure, but just torrent it if you have no money, it's easy to find.

    Don't see the point in expending a good chunk of your initial willpower on setting things up that people have already took the time and effort to do for you unless you genuinely think it will help you to do so.

    TL;DR: Pirate the Genki book and Workbook, use WaniKani for kanji and vocab and use Memrise for reviewing your Genki materials.

  6. Steve Abramov Avatar

    Omae wa mou shinderu

  7. Neace tea Avatar

    Learning Japanese in 21 mind with Derek Banas 😀

  8. Jacob Gasser Avatar

    Sooo, I was wondering if u could cover the robot thing in java. I know how active u are in the comments so that is why i said it here 🙂 (ps love what u do, me and my friends started a programming channel like urs because of how many people are trying to learn and cant find the right resources, u were kinda my inspiration for it, and im not looking for a shoutout so dont ask for the name)

  9. Franklin Delacruz Avatar

    Please keep doing this! Awesome stuff.

  10. Aspect Avatar

    Awesome, I wonder though, isn't it good to learn radicals when learning kanji? And the 10.000 word frequency list doesn't seem to work for me? Do I need a mac for it?

  11. crazy1985 Avatar

    Your some sort of monster! How are you learning all this.

  12. James Q Avatar

    holy crap, i thought there is a new programming language called 'Japanese' … turns out it is the human language… you scared me, Derek

  13. xxxsuicune Avatar


  14. Koushik Chakraborty Avatar

    Sir, plz enable subtitles…I'm from India n its quite difficult for me to understand ur accent so early.

  15. Mojken Avatar

    It's very impressive that you learn all these different things, but your pronunciation is absolutely terrible. Please, practice your vowels, or you'll be teaching everyone incredibly incorrect pronunciation. On another note, 2100 kanji is insane…

  16. IamMe Avatar

    use what works for you but I think just looking over the kana and then using realkana much more elegant solution.

    Tho I am quite the different case. I started japanese because I love kanji so I hated to deconstruct it like that and grind through kanji.

    So I didnt. I just make flashcards like you would in any other language and it has been working out quite well.

  17. Ajon Avatar

    How many things do you now? It's scary.

  18. spookysama Avatar

    im learning Japanese, i think im learning Japanese…

  19. ArtAway Avatar

    Holy shit, you even creating Japanese tutorial haha. I did not expect that. Learn it at high school for 3 years. They're quite fun. Mind if I ask question tho?

  20. Akira明 Avatar

    Excel and conditional formatting is also good for learning 😉

  21. Rahul Prabhu Avatar

    Derek, is there any possibility of you making tutorials on European languages like Dutch, French, and German?

  22. thejustinfernald Avatar

    Is it not possible to create a download to the cards you made?

  23. Green T Avatar

    how do you pick up skills so easily ?

  24. zogo lov Avatar

    your youtube channel is useful

  25. zogo lov Avatar

    you are perfect man

  26. Kieran Woodward Avatar

    Hey Derek, do you plan to use these skills?
    e.g. move to Japan or take a vacation there?
    Or do you just like learning things?
    Great video as always

  27. Henrique Marques Avatar

    Holy f*ck. I was starting to learn Japanese yesterday. How did you guess? DAMN

  28. Alberto Cen Zheng Avatar

    That stroke order is killing me, in chinese it is written in a different order, which I am so familiar with as being a chinese person.

  29. nGon- Avatar

    Jesus this channel is versatile

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