Less CSS Tutorial for Beginners – 1 – Getting Started and Installing

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23 responses to “Less CSS Tutorial for Beginners – 1 – Getting Started and Installing”

  1. Kashish Shah Avatar

    well you arent bucky xD

  2. renato požgan Avatar

    so is this a css tutorial or less tutorial

  3. Aye Min Avatar

    This tutorial series is very helpful. It is just now time for me to practice.

  4. Don Pislik Avatar

    I already have a site and working on em via visual studio, how can i use less in this case? there's an option for me to add a less stylesheet but ain't sure if that's the best practice

  5. Ci Boz Avatar

    thank s alot
    . i been learning front end development last few month but i am a bit discouragedd. because few friends told me; dont learn coding websites because soon everyone can do it without coding at all. they wont be coding web jobs .. wix. wordpress… what s ur opinion ?

  6. Celerix Avatar

    I really enjoy your video, but your very first example with the changing red to blue, why wouldn't you just find one instance of the color in reference and Find and Replace? Notepad++ has the feature to search file(s) and replace at the same time. Maybe I'm just low tech and don't like to fix an unbroken practice, but I am finding LESS to be more hassle than it is less css.

  7. Michael Asper Avatar


  8. Roberto Philippo Avatar

    find color:red replace with color: blue, whats the problem?

  9. Andre Paradise Avatar

    damn bucky… do you EVER put out shitty videos? You are so great at what you do thanks so much bro!

  10. Yngve Eriksen Avatar

    You write npn install, but say npm install. At first I didn't understand why i got a syntax error, when i wrote npn…

  11. Super Horizont Avatar

    You're an awesome human.

  12. Julian Cohen Avatar

    How would you add this on a Hosting server such as GoDaddy or HostGator?

  13. Jonathan Elder Avatar

    I install less by adding into package.json. This way, if someone clones my repo and runs npm install it will install less along with other dependencies. Other than that, great video, keep it up.

  14. Giorgi Merabishvili Avatar

    Respect to you Bucky! Thanks a lot! You learned me a lot!

  15. JiggsX 子阳 Avatar

    we use h1:hover { } to create hover effect
    h1:active { } is while we are holding our mouse click
    then what is the code for after we click it?

  16. kumropotashify Avatar

    I am asking a rather silly question: If a website is designed with less, how to ensure that any new user brwosing that site can view the site without any glitch?

  17. Lam Nguyen Phan Avatar

    wonderful, I'm looking for a useful less tutorial. Thanksssss

  18. Ofeenee Avatar

    Hey bucky, would you please explain the newly upcoming io.js and how is it different from node.js? I'm about to start coding in node and I'm not sure whether if I should or skip it completely and just jump straight into io.js


  19. ChrisPTY507 Avatar

    Sass is far better, but less is not bad.

  20. VeslorTV Avatar

    Thank you for these series. What's your thoughts on Sass vs Less? I've read that Sass is better in many ways. What's your opinion?

  21. Ids van der zee Avatar

    so funny how u spent more time on explaining why you would not explain something than it would ectualy take to explain it (not that installing node needs explaining)

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