Less CSS Tutorial for Beginners – 3 – Variables

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9 responses to “Less CSS Tutorial for Beginners – 3 – Variables”

  1. R. Report Avatar

    PLEASE ANYONE!!! i Have a script it was written by using PHP Laravel framework, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap. Since its a video streaming software too – it uses Nginx and RTMP for real video streaming. It has a fall back to HTTP pseudo streaming.  i just want to change some color code fonts and background, im using filezilla and textwrangler for my editor. i see the css files in public/ assets/font-end/styles folders. i use textwrangler to edit the css save then filezilla tells me changes have been made i save them on filezilla. Refresh and check to see no changes have been made to the site. ANY HELP Or SUGGESTIONS PLEASE IM LOSING MY MIND HERE, THIS HAS TO BE SOMETHING SUPER SIMPLE… Right?

  2. Huy Kon Avatar

    How can I install less on Sublime Text ?

  3. Shin016 Avatar

    did i do something wrong im not seeing the main css please help 🙁

  4. Phan Tom Avatar

    Wow ! and I spent half an hour trying to change the colors for my web design final ! Should have found this earlier on.

  5. David Sanchez Avatar

    For those who are bothered by the console error before you're even done typing a less statement in a JetBrains IDE, go into your LESS File Watcher settings and uncheck "Immediate file synchronization". JetBrains will now only run the transpile (compile) if you hard init by saving (Ctrl + s) or if you move focus outside of the IDE (i.e. selecting your browser window).

  6. Nicolás Vásquez Robledo Avatar

    haha fell in love… This tutorials are awesome

  7. franchyze922 Avatar

    Mine wasn't working at first then I realized I had to put the html files in the node_modules folder.

  8. VeslorTV Avatar

    This is cool.

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