Letterpress Print & Rubber Stamp Effects in Photoshop & Illustrator

In today’s video tutorial I’ll show you a bunch of techniques for creating trendy vintage style letterpress print or rubber stamp effects for your logos in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

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24 responses to “Letterpress Print & Rubber Stamp Effects in Photoshop & Illustrator”

  1. Frank Bevill Avatar

    Great tutorial. Keep it up

  2. Dave Kos Avatar

    awesome tut. but you spoke too fast mate

  3. Gene Avatar

    Great tutorial. Concise.

  4. Raiylu Avatar

    Can you not do this with coloured logos?

  5. HimeGn Avatar

    When I use the stamp in gallery filters it looks all white, you know why?

  6. Consuelo M Avatar

    So many thanks! Very helpfull!

  7. Maiylo8 Avatar

    When I crop the texture it reverses the color and only leaves the dust effect, instead of the design.

  8. Norton Filho Avatar

    A lot of help, man! Thanks for the great tips!

  9. Iryna Z Avatar

    Terribly fast, hard to follow

  10. weaselwiese Avatar

    Great tutorial. Thank you!

  11. Wendy Chan Avatar

    I would like to know how to make the texture picture in png/ jpeg format become outlines in ai? Thanks!

  12. Yera Jang Avatar

    This is so helpful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Yazid Xury Avatar

    May God bless you and I don't know why people disliked this video.
    Thank you.

  14. wuv03 Avatar

    Love the combination of Photoshop AND Illustrator. Great and helpful video. Thanks mate, greetings from Germany.

  15. JM Thompson Avatar

    This was awesome! Thank you!

  16. 5o5kY Avatar

    if i fucking ctrl+v on the layer mask, it automatically makes another fucking layer………………………………….

  17. James King Avatar

    Dang dude, been looking for a solution like this for ages. Thanks!

  18. Roberto Braicovick Avatar

    Grazie ragazzo, sempre fantastico!

  19. Raymond Saragih Avatar

    Awesome tutorial..Thank you for every thing

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