Linux Tutorial for Beginners – 11 – Install Software with APT apt-get

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34 responses to “Linux Tutorial for Beginners – 11 – Install Software with APT apt-get”

  1. Accio Avatar

    i can't use apt on solus

  2. Awezome Pozzum Avatar

    Recording video? You mean time to beatbox?

  3. Zafran Miraj Avatar

    good tutorial,
    please see my channel to view how to install all linux distro

  4. TylerCrazyWolf Avatar

    this tutorial is shit

  5. nikhil gupta Avatar

    can u upload a video to display how to install jdk and jre as I installed it but getting error "can't execute binary file "plz help

  6. Michael Crider Avatar

    For the love of God, if you intend on keeping the same terminal window open, and running mutiple commands SUDO SU, I hate having to type sudo every time I wanna do damn near anything, fucking Ubuntu.

  7. b mad Avatar

    thanks but i wish i had a program that i could have used in the last example

  8. Nodakkian Avatar

    You didnt explain where you are typing this?! I just start typing in a word document?

  9. hoho hotstuff Avatar

    i cant install anything

  10. mina benyamin Avatar

    I cloned a package from github and I want to install it but I don't know the name that I should use to install it..I mean the package name that I should write after $ sudo apt-get install [package_name]
    can you help with that?

  11. Rangu Raviteja Avatar

    Hey, I cannot install php5 software as according to your video. It says package php5 not available, E: Package 'php5' has no installation candidate. Please help me in installing this software.

  12. EnduranceT Avatar

    Bucky to the rescue! Christ, I just downloaded Linux and I was lost as hell when it came to installing apps.

  13. Johnny Phan Avatar

    When I do "sudo apt-get update" … password: and enter my password and it said :"sorry, try again."….. why?

  14. Alpha dec Avatar

    apt-get update is updating the resources that is available so u are not doing any changes on your computer.

  15. FriendlySkull Avatar

    Ubuntu Software center is the app center 😛

  16. Douwe Huysmans Avatar

    This a guide to most debian based OS'es, not a guide to linux

  17. Jaspreet Singh Avatar

    i didnt find paychram
    in home

  18. Majd Zayyad Avatar

    I'm a little curious about how this apt software works.

  19. Adam Feller Avatar

    Hi I'm trying to install Anaconda using only the terminal however sudo apt-get install in unable to locate the file is there an other way?

  20. Braden Best Avatar

    1. apt-get update just updates your sources (using /etc/apt/sources.list). To update your software for real, use 'apt-get upgrade'.

    2. You can apt-get install software that's already on your computer. When said software already exists, apt-get install will simply update it with the newest version.

    Don't worry about naming collisions (like a different program that happens to have the same name as the original overwriting it), because the guys that maintain the repo make sure to give each package an unique name. Unless you're writing your own shell scripts and stuffing them in /usr/bin, nothing will happen. Plus, for software installed via make (or the aforementioned /usr/bin move), you should move it to /usr/local/bin instead so it remains separate from the package manager.

  21. Oded Sayar Avatar

    Thanks Bucky, another good video 🙂
    I want to note (for commentors) that APT will only work on some distros (e.g. Mint, Ubuntu, Debian). Others might use different stuff like RPM for Fedora/RedHat or Pacman for Arch/Manjaro. point is, you should check what's your distro's package tool/manager and its syntax, in case you chose a different one

  22. Omer Ayverdi Avatar

    in their repo usually they have older versions so you mostly will need install tools without apt-get if you want latest versions..

  23. Omer Ayverdi Avatar

    executables run in terminal like this ./programName

    you need to put dot and slash before executable file to run it.

  24. Jason Tesch Avatar

    ah ha, I got it to work, but instead of apt-get I had to use zypper

  25. Austin Delbeck Avatar

    Is it the same process to install programs on Fedora 22?
    I've been seeking how to install programs but I couldn't :(.
    Help me¡ I can't even watch youtube on Fedora

  26. John Smith Avatar

    There's always that one guys who dislikes the video… smh

  27. Harry Newton Avatar

    you could have also done

  28. Yadu PIllai Avatar

    11, 12, and 13 have the EXACT SAME intro 0.0. It's creepy when you click between them without listening to more than the introduction

  29. ThePassingVoid Avatar

    If you are using a distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise (Fedora, CentOS, ClearOS, etc) you can use "yum" or "dnf" (Some newer distros like Fedora 22 have replaced yum with dnf) instead of "apt-get"

  30. mthowabatho Avatar

    I appreciate Bucky for this tutorial but he pretty much makes glaring misses in every video and always seems to do things the hard way so much that it makes Linux seem complicated. For instance, why would anyone need to use a shell script to start a program via the command line more than once? Any self-respecting Linux user would know that you can pin the app to the side launcher, add a path for a command line launcher, create a .desktop entry. More often than not, applications will do this for you. Again, not being negative but…

  31. Afshin Somani Avatar

    Bucky, you make learning new things lovable…..THANK YOU very much

  32. † — sulapse — † Avatar

    Maybe should've included how to remove programs.

  33. Akshay Chaudhary Avatar

    Another awesome video from Bucky.

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