Linux Tutorial for Beginners – 15 – SSH Key Authentication

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28 responses to “Linux Tutorial for Beginners – 15 – SSH Key Authentication”

  1. Cris CHL Avatar

    Men i really love your videos! Very short and concise. Greetings from Chile!

  2. Jeremy Stocker Avatar

    1.5M subs! Dude you need to start making some more videos, they are so good. And the potential you have with an audience this big!

  3. Manav Misra Avatar

    "Agent admitted failure to sign using the key." Any suggestions? Thanks.

  4. the Truth about teaching English in China Avatar

    Frigging terrific! Hat's off and thank you!

  5. iraj norouzi Avatar

    greate man very very good toturial tanks

  6. Martin M Avatar

    Peachy, easy, but what does it all mean? No detail explanation

  7. MEDAGAM Avatar

    i watched ur video but would please provide me grep usage also ..thanking you.

  8. MEDAGAM Avatar

    sir, i am using ubuntu 16.04 on linux ,would you please help me i really stuck at this problem. And after i used "reboot" in terminal ,it began to shutdown. But it does not works fine. it says "your system is running in low graphics mode", and also it says "you need to reconfigure yourself". Please help me after this i am facing problem "please give me steps to fix this error"… Thankinking you sir.

  9. Robert Fletcher Avatar

    Great that was so easy..

  10. George Foley Avatar

    Can you do this on multiple computers or only one (i.e. after you make a key with one computer no other computer will be able to connect to the server)?

  11. GlorytoGod Avatar

    How do I find the correct ip address?

  12. yashfernandojain Avatar

    how do u change username root?

  13. vishawdeep pathania Avatar

    i got this error "Agent Admitted Failure to sign using the key". Any help?

  14. Sajad Torkamani Avatar

    Awesome tutorial. You make learning so easy and fun!

  15. Kubilay Yazoğlu Avatar

    At 1:56. What password it is asking?

  16. Sheikh YOLO Avatar

    TheMilkRoad? Is that a play off on the SilkRoad? LOL

  17. adeeb Avatar

    2:04 create an image , is it the key?

  18. Rany Oyb Avatar

    hey  +thenewboston   thank you for video !

    i have traineeship in small company and they asked me to deny the root and allow five specific users! 
    the situation is like this:
    there is 5 users: admin , B , C , D , E
    and all these five are enables to log in SSH , and each one have password, but the problem no one of them i can log in from the terminal ! only the root and the password for the root is soho'admin password' !

    how can i change that to deny the root from log in and enable the rest 5 users ?

    * i tired all the ways that i find in google and forums … with allowusers … no-password .. change port to 7722 / 9922 / 2222/ 1234 …

    Thanks again,

  19. G Avatar

    Nice to see Bucky on Linux force XD

  20. Le Xolim Avatar

    If I used this, I could theoretically use a script that downs servers not using DNS or HTTP loadbalancing in the SSH session, correct?

  21. zaharouni1 Avatar

    Everyone will get $10 in credit. Once they’ve spent $25 with us.

  22. M Prox Avatar

    hey really nice vids! really helpfull but can you also make a video how tochange your IP from DHCP into a STATIC IP (because if i follow other tutorials they say you have to go to /etc/network/interfaces for static ip but for some reason i only have loopback network interface instead of the loopback + primary network interface. and if i type the primary network interface and restart my network then my vm has no internet acces anymore and its a mess :/ 🙂 but still keep making the ubuntu vids !! realy helpfull

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