🔴 LIVE: Hand Lettering on iPad Pro!

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7 responses to “🔴 LIVE: Hand Lettering on iPad Pro!”

  1. Brian Tate Avatar

    I friggin love these videos…. it's like hanging out and working at the same time. Keep these coming

  2. Matthew Theobald Avatar

    My experience of graphic design and illustration at college/university is that you are in a room full of ego. You are being taught by ego and it's this massive circle jerk. When I went our first year, every person in that room wanted to be the best, so they acted like they were.

    I didn't like it that much but i can kind of understand why they are doing it. But you are definitely right, you get a massive culture shock when you get into the real world. I went into web design and I learned immediately that I was completely useless. I knew a little bit of html/css. I could mock up some great web designs, but couldn't develop to save my life.

    I'm at a turning point in my life now where I'm considering getting back into the design world. Your videos are helping alot. I'm 25, I know my way around the adobe suite, i'm not massively great at drawing and i'm definitely rusty. I think it will be interesting to see what I come out with in the next year.

    Thank-you for your help Will!

  3. Eco Graphics Avatar

    Always create – always make

  4. Daniela Argandoña Avatar

    thank you for this tutorial, do you have more on the IPAD Pro , tutorials? I just bought it 🙂 thanks again Will 🙂

  5. ChocolateaButterflies Avatar

    You made the echo worse lol

  6. Irish Regodos Avatar

    there's stil lan echo haha

  7. David Pruitt Avatar

    Thanks, Will! I absolutely dig the live streams, I love being able to see the mistakes and how others work them out! I think that is where most of us get frustrated. It is a nice reminder that we all make them! Lol Thanks for taking the time to teach!

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