Live Help on TESSERACT 2! Website, Blog, Shopping Cart on WordPress – With Mike!

Helping Mike live, on TESSERACT 2 to create his website , blog and shopping cart on TESSERACT 2. Visit for more videos. Best of luck Mike!






30 responses to “Live Help on TESSERACT 2! Website, Blog, Shopping Cart on WordPress – With Mike!”

  1. Start To Finish Podcasting Avatar

    Hello, I am running the Tesseract Theme version 3.4.1. I didn't install any plugins at all. I was having this problem immediately when I chose your theme. The only installed plugin that I had was the one that was already installed on your theme. My issue is that every time I change the text to a different color it either does not change the selected color when I save and publish it or it makes the text three time smaller once its published (see photo that I attached). Also when I change the size of the font it doesn't change at all. I have had these issue immediately when I selected your theme. Remember I am having these issue with no plugins installed so it is not the plugins that is causing this. In addition to that issue, when I make any text a hyperlink it will not allow me to change the color of the hyperlink. It remains the same. Just to be on the safe side I did deactivate all the plugins that I have added since then and I am still coming up with the same problem. All the plugins have been deleted and yet I am still having this issue. Please direct me in this matter.

  2. Fresh Beginnings Avatar

    Hi, could we please have a tutorial video showing us how to edit an actual Blog page? My main Blog page displaying all my Blogs and feature pics is fine, however when on an actual Blog page I have the following challenges:
    1 – Side bar widget tiles are all font size 10 (too small)
    2 – When using the comments and reply, all comments are in a white font (can't read them against the white background)
    3 – Spacing and margins between widgets is too small. Needs greater margins or padding (Can't edit)
    I have searched the web and found all tutorial videos are only scratching on the surface of 'How To' construct a successful Tesseract Theme Blog page.
    Please help.

  3. Prospection Numeric Avatar

    Hi, a long time ago (approx 5 mounth) i saw a video by Tyler where he show howto make a ecommerce website and i think that we can download the theme already made? can someone help me with that please?

  4. Daniele Castro Avatar

    Olá, como eu faço para escrever posts e publicar?

  5. Kaha Connect Avatar

    Hey Tyler,
    would you be able to do a quick video on how i add my facebook pixel to a page. Not sure where to paste the code.

  6. Wicked Wheels of Wisconsin Avatar

    Enjoy your tutorials.  2 comments…   One should backup (export) their work before doing a WP Reset (oops, found out the hard way), and Two I'm having issues with the pricing format on woocommerce (adding an extra decimal and "00" at the end of an already formatted price).  This occurs on the shop page where I have 5 products across displaying.  When you click on the actual product description, the price shows correctly.   ???  Not sure how to fix. 

    Again, following your tutorial I subscribed to a hostgator account, setup my domain, installed WP, and have an almost finished product to start my online store….   Today is Wednesday.  I began all this on Sunday.   Never heard of WP before last week.


  7. Bakula Parikh Avatar

    i want to change the color of menu bar, pl. help me

  8. Jonah Ang Avatar

    Hi Tylor is the theam tesseract 2 still available for download?

  9. silence6210 Avatar

    Tyler Moore, You sir, are a lot nicer and kinder person than I am…. I couldn't take this.

  10. Charles Erwin Avatar

    Tyler great stuff. I cannot locate the Tesseract 2 theme. Their website just show "Tessearact". Is it the same?

  11. Tony Compton Avatar

    you are awesome mate.

  12. Bryan Hancock Avatar

    You are a wonderful teacher!

  13. ntege oscar Avatar

    i wish there was a way i would give you 10000000 likes!!!!!

  14. AVO Avatar

    i have my site set up but in the link at the top of the web page it says /blog after the .com how do i fix that

  15. Employee Benefit Management Group Avatar

    Can you make the home page a slider with multiple images?

  16. Arman Sol Avatar

    Great content. Thanks so much Tyler

  17. Alex Fialka Avatar

    Hey. Does anybody know how to disable "dropdown" feature from the menu ? Thanks.

  18. John Philip Espiloy Avatar

    Hi Tyler.. does Tessaract 2 can you use MailChimp and SEO by YOAST plugins? Need to know before I switch to Tessaract 2… *for the guys.. im a newbie… pardon me if my post seems kinda weird..

  19. Nick Pro Avatar

    Tyler, how can I Fixed Header When Scrolling Page? Thanks Nick

  20. ruhajj Avatar

    Does beaver builder take the place of all of the previous plugins? I cannot figure out how to get the google fonts to work.

  21. Qhama Antoni Avatar

    Hi Tyler, Is there a way to put Image Slider or a background video play on the Home Page?

  22. Susie D Avatar

    Hi Tyler! I love your videos. I have a few questions about setting up the blog. I can't get rid of the stuff on the sidebar even thought i've adjusted settings as you teach in the video. How can I get help with this?

  23. Chaz Albrecht Avatar

    What kind of microphone is that? How much.

  24. Sylvia Ioannides Avatar

    I freaking love you–would never have worked out how to build a website without your step by step instructions and multiple videos! Hugely grateful! 🙂

  25. Jeremy Hooper Avatar

    Hi .. I have a style problem when displaying Forms build using Caldera Forms. The problem is illustrated at When I make a field required it puts the required "asterisk" on the next line instead of next to the Field Description. I have got support from Caldera Forms – they have come back and say the issues in in the theme.

    Their response is – your theme has a CSS rule saying #content form span {width: 100%;} meaning any span elements within a firm tag in the content must be 100% width. To counter this , if your them has a place to enter custom CSS or you are able to add CSS into the them, you can use this:

    #content span.field_required {width: auto;}

    Are you able let me know how I can follow this instruction?

  26. Kevin Reid Avatar

    How can I insert my own pictures on Tesseract 2?

  27. Manchester United Redzone Avatar

    struggling with the colour of the cart on my homepage – is it possible to customize the font colour or the cart symbol in the header guys?

  28. Valerian Sequeira Avatar

    Hi Tyler, when I click on content blocks, nothing is there. Empty box comes up. What should I do. Can I get them from somewhere?

  29. Dan Harrington Avatar

    Great tutorial. I plan to use the theme on my website.

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