Live Stream #14: Twitter Bots with Node and Processing

I’m thinking about doing a stream about making twitter bots with node (for interfacing with the API) and Processing (for doing things with drawing and images). Thursday Nov 12 at ~10:30am EST.

Help us caption & translate this video!






6 responses to “Live Stream #14: Twitter Bots with Node and Processing”

  1. DJ Alixer Avatar

    Great video!

    Having a little trouble.

    I can get the tweets to show in terminal but not in dynamic content on the browser. I get the console msg Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined.

  2. DJ Alixer Avatar

    Thanks for doing this!!

  3. Ryan MacKenzie Avatar

    Following your examples and I am able to post a tweet, but when I get into the stream event examples my program does nothing but sits there. Any ideas?

  4. Asa Taylor Avatar

    Also RE: exec command string in windows – make sure you escape backslashes with a second backslash. So for me that was 'processing-java –sketch="%cd%\rainbow" –run'

  5. Asa Taylor Avatar

    If yer a windows user wondering how to pwd, or `pwd` I will save you one googles: %cd% will get you the same variable dump in the processing-java string and cd alone will get the current working directory in general.

    And saving a bonus windows google – you have to add your processing directory to the PATH variable in your advanced system properties in order to run processing-java without adding it's entire path string to your command every time.

  6. Alvarop Avatar

    Thanks Daniel. Amazing as always!

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