Live Stream #17: Processing Live Hour of Code

Join me for a live hour of code! I’ll demonstrate the basics of learning to programming using the Processing development environment. I’ll show how to download Processing, write your first lines of code to make a drawing on the screen, and how to make that drawing interactive. I’ll answer your questions live from the chat (and possibly even have a way for you to call in?).

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10 responses to “Live Stream #17: Processing Live Hour of Code”

  1. Azat Annamuradov Avatar

    and is it possible to contact you via email??

  2. Azat Annamuradov Avatar

    and the sketch can be uploaded to a Arduino nano ??

  3. Azat Annamuradov Avatar

    Hello is it possible to create a sketch on the Arduino to turn on the ignition and the timer on car starter with feedback. when the car gets back to the Arduino sent a signal that it was got. taking the signal from the generator to the input pins and thus that disables the starter and the car runs

  4. Zeyad Ghulam Avatar

    Hey Dan,
    can you please view my game, I just want your opinion regarding my game that I have made. Please rate it and make any necessary changes. You can download it from this link

    I am looking forward for your help because I will be really happy.


  5. Nick Tucker Avatar

    Hi Daniel, do you also have c++ tutorials?

  6. Vineet Kumar Doshi Avatar

    Hey Dan!,

    Your big fan!. .. Please help me know … how to align a text in the middle of the screen ( Center alignment )… but I want to align not from the start of the text but from the middle of the text .. just like MS Words center align a text according to page's width ..

    Please help, thanks! 🙂

  7. John Smith Avatar

    Daniel, I just subscribed after watching your videos for the last couple of days… I sincerely want to thank you for the absolutely amazing content your are teaching us. Your book (which I just realized was written by you btw!) is absolutely filled with great examples and techniques that just "click" in my brain and has taught me object oriented programming in a matter of a few hours. I am super thankful and wish you the best this holiday season while hoping that you keep it up all of next year too! Thank you very very much sir.

  8. attearturo Avatar

    How can I run the code in Android? In real time if it's possible, I don't want to make an apk every time I update I update my code…
    I know I have to use the developer options on my phone but I don't know how exactly.

  9. Nuclear Fission Avatar

    So happy processing came out for the raspberry pi!

  10. andrew kim Avatar

    im excited for your kadenze course Daniel! Will it be like a more updated edited version of your nature of code videos already in your playlist?

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