Live Stream #36: Git and GitHub Tutorials – Overview of Git in Terminal

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In this video, I cover many topics pertaining to Git and how to use it with Unix command line. I go over some of the most common Unix commands while teaching you many new Git concepts like cloning, push and pull, init and add.

2:30 – After technical problems
43:38 – Part 5: Intro to the Command Line
57:44 – Part 6: Using git in Terminal
1:33:30 – Back from timeout
1:48:53 – Part 7: Git add and git init
2:01:46 – Conclusion

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5 responses to “Live Stream #36: Git and GitHub Tutorials – Overview of Git in Terminal”

  1. JuanFcL Avatar


  2. TheJackalope231 Avatar

    First two minutes: Daniel is legion; Daniel is many.

  3. BaconKwagga Avatar

    are there people watching who already know most of this stuff that would want to develop the games like the snake or the flower invaders further? in complete secrecy i had a go at it myself and failed miserably. i still don't understand some of the basic javascript stuff. in the meantime i watched this guy make a space invaders game it was fun.

    i have learned a lot from this guy

  4. 101 Avatar

    Maze generation was really interesting, Breaking it up into 4 parts helps to pace things out. Nice work.

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