Live Stream #41: GitHub Pages, 3D Fractal Trees and Superellipse

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In this live stream, I’m continuing my Algorithmic Botany series by using the Space Colonization algorithm to make a 3D fractal tree. Then I show you how to use GitHub pages to host HTML pages and your p5.js sketches for free. Finally, I’m starting a multi-part coding challenge on Superellipses and Superformulas.

13:30 – Presentation of 1st topic
42:35 – 3D Fractal Trees with Space Colonization
1:18:31 – GitHub Pages for Text and HTML files
1:34:50 – Hosting p5.js sketches on GitHub Pages
1:58:52 – Superellipse
2:12:26 – Quick Q&A/Conclusion

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Links discussed in this video:
Nature of Code class on Kadenze:
Nature of Code book:
Algorithmic Botany:
Original Space Colonization paper:
Superellipse on Wikipedia:
Paul Bourke’s Supershapes (Superformula) website:

Source Code for the Video Lessons:


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7 responses to “Live Stream #41: GitHub Pages, 3D Fractal Trees and Superellipse”

  1. D_v_ D Avatar

    the processing examples will not work (CC_17 and cc_18 ) as the float min_dist
    float max_dist are the same, the min dist needs to altered in order to get it runninng

  2. Shridhar Mamidalaa Avatar

    A.I and Neural Networks ??? Awesome..!!!

  3. Richard Brown Avatar

    Just want to say thanks for covering GitHub Pages – this was new to me and just what I need!

  4. Clément Chaine Avatar

    Hi Daniel,
    I think you should fix that button you're using to switch cameras, since you keep fighting against that switch ahah

  5. Hundertdreissig Avatar

    regarding space colonization: i think point p just needs to be lower than the max distance to get attracted. the min distance is only for deleting points.

  6. Samy Bencherif Avatar

    Hi, what kind of setup are you using to automatically switch the camera?

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