Live Stream #45: Sound Synthesis, Envelope and Supershapes

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In this live stream, I cover more sound topics in p5.js: Sound synthesis and sound envelope. Also, I continue the topic of superformulas with a video on 2D supershapes.

17:53 – Prepping Sound Synthesis
37:19 – Sound Synthesis with p5.js
53:57 – Back after timeout
1:06:57 – Prepping Sound Envelope
1:21:23 – Sound Envelope with p5.js
1:44:26 – Supershapes
2:02:07 – Conclusion

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For my previous Superellipse video:

Links discussed in this video:
Max/MSP tutorials:
Paul Bourke’s Supershapes page:
ADSR Envelope on Wikipedia:
Image of different waves on Wikipedia:
p5.js Sound Envelope reference:
p5.js Sound Oscillator reference:

Source Code for the Video Lessons:


For More Sound Videos:

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16 responses to “Live Stream #45: Sound Synthesis, Envelope and Supershapes”

  1. John Zyski Avatar

    Dan is hillarious. And learned a lot.

  2. The Shroud Avatar

    How did you learn how to do all of this? :s I feel so stupid and overwhelmed… I'd love to be able to have all the programming knowledge you have but it's seems so hard to get in to… so esoteric almost. Were you just a natural that somehow just naturally picked it up?

  3. Christopher Freytag Avatar

    Im Sry, but from minute 45:26 you have a sinewave playing in a low frequenzy, dont know if you can edit this in your Video Editor, but its coming from your p5 site, which is playing the tone (Visible in the Tab on your browser).
    This Ends in minute 59:48, where you reloaded the Site because of checking something.
    (The Same sinewave is on the tutorial as well (Same video material ;-)))

    Very good tutorials.

    Grtz from Germany

  4. Hari Anugrah Avatar

    Btw, sound is longitudinal wave, your visualization is wrong…
    But it's okay

  5. Matthew Zvirbulis Avatar

    Thanks heaps for your enthusiasm!

  6. Darth Torus Avatar

    mathematics is the word, therefore, math is the proper abbreviated version.

  7. Ho Lyun Jeong Avatar

    Thank you for the great video! 😀 I think you actually might not want to close the shape and instead calculate the r for theta = 2 * pi because sometimes the r when theta = 0 does not equal to the r when theta = 2 * pi

  8. Greg Field Avatar

    Hi daniel, I've just finished my degree in the UK and was wondering is it still possible for me to apply for a course at Tisch for this year?

  9. Spectron Avatar

    Would be cool to try to use Perlin noise to generate a sound sample and play it… I'll try it in Java later… Cool vid Dan 😀

  10. Martin Rivera Avatar

    That major scale was pretty accurate!

  11. Quickpinguin Avatar

    just found your channel. your videos are helping me a lot with my progressing project, thank you so much. In addition it is very entertaining to watch 😀

  12. Arthie Avatar

    Your Amazing! Thanks!

  13. F F Avatar

    Great video !

  14. Richard Brown Avatar

    Cool! I missed this earlier today

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