Live Stream #53 – Smart Rockets, CodePen and Arguments Array in JS

In this Live Stream, I cover a wide variety of topics. I first experiment with the CodePen online editor. Then, I take on a (awfully long) Coding Challenge to make “Smart Rockets” that steer based on a genetic algorithm (edited version coming soon). Finally, I discuss how the JavaScript “arguments” array can be used for function and constructor overloading.

16:14 – CodePen Tutorial
26:50 – Presenting Genetic Algorithm topics
50:02 – Coding Challenge: Smart Rockets
2:01:43 – Discussion on Machine Learning
2:19:14 – Arguments Array in JS
2:42:32 – Conclusion/Q&A

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Links discussed in this video:
My CodePen link:
The Nature of Code:
Kadenze Course: song:
GitHub Issue #98 – Genetic Algorithm:
Computational Beauty of Nature book:
Smart Rockets Project:
Neuroph Java Neural Network Framework:
Wekinator Kadenze Class:
Machine Learning for Designers Book:

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14 responses to “Live Stream #53 – Smart Rockets, CodePen and Arguments Array in JS”

  1. M B Avatar

    Can you give link to perlin noise song?

  2. Lj Craft Avatar

    I'm loving this…

  3. Hugo Baeta Avatar

    Oh man, My birthday is also on July 29th AND I turned 34 the mirror of yours hahaha 馃榾 Thanks for your awesome videos, you always put a smile on my face and get me excited about coding!!


    2:27:30 Why not set the arguments array to be arr

  5. fdaflkj Avatar

    YOU MADE ME UNDERSTAND A BIT OF MACHINE LEARNING! I LOVE YOU DANIEL SHIFFMAN! Really looking forward to your future AI videos 馃槈 Please consider book on this, definitely would be success as NOC

  6. BaconKwagga Avatar

    all my rockets are conservative and go to the right lol.

    i was wondering, could you turn this sketch into an app that would store data in a database so we can continue evolving our rockets where they left off? that'd be fun.

  7. BaconKwagga Avatar

    all the rockets start at height so no wonder they can't get going. i've put their starting point at height*0.8 and they were fine until they smashed into the wall.

  8. Andr茅s Rend贸n Avatar

    These are very fun videos to watch, even if you just want to clear your mind a bit. With rainbows of code!

  9. SellusionStar Avatar

    as soon as I am using the this.matingpool.push() function, my opera browser crashes the page… I have NO idea where the problem is 馃檨

  10. Alin Pisica Avatar

    I can't figure out with the createP() function… Where's that from?

  11. Piotr Kraso Avatar

    When you can't wait for the tutorials so you watch the whole stream 馃榾

  12. Harry K Avatar

    that distributed thing sounds like boinc

  13. Asa Taylor Avatar

    So this video was published on the 31st, but we can only get shirts until the 29th? Sad trombone 馃檨

  14. Hajar Rashidi Avatar

    Generic Algoritm <3

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