Live Stream #59: Week 1 of Programming from A to Z

This Live Stream covers the first week’s topics of the “Programming from A to Z” course that I teach at ITP in New York City( Here’s a brief list of the topics covered in this first class: Dom Manipulation with p5.js, My Coding Workflow, Text Inputs from Users, The String Object in JavaScript, Jackson Mac Low’s Diastic Machine, and many more!

3:51 – Intro to the live stream
21:10 – Intro to Programming from A to Z class
52:13 – Presenting my workflow
1:06:43 – Using text input from users
1:34:01 – Loading text from a file
2:05:56 – JavaScript String Object
2:34:45 – Coding Challenge: Jackson Mac Low’s Diastic Machine
2:56:33 – Week 1’s Homework Assignment

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Links discussed in this video:
ITP from Tisch School of the Arts:
Mozilla’s String Object Reference:

Influences and Inspiration for the Programming from A to Z class:
Jackson Mac Low’s Wikipedia Page:
Nick Montfort:
Allison Parrish:
Kate Compton’s Tracery:
Addie Wagenknecht:
Lynn Cherny:
Darius Kazemi:
Eyeo Festival on Vimeo:

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Atom Code Editor:
Atom Beautify:
Atom Live-Server:

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14 responses to “Live Stream #59: Week 1 of Programming from A to Z”

  1. Handlock Avatar

    Why do I always have to close my chrome tab and reopen it? It doesn't do the setup() when I reload the page with the key F5

  2. Chris G Avatar

    Thank you Shiffman!!! This is Awesome!

  3. Pierre-Luc St-Jean Avatar

    How do you turn on Text Rapping ahaha that was funny

  4. Daniel & Hayley Munro Avatar

    You absolutely rock man. I'm studying an IT degree and becoming a programmer. I love your approach to teaching and seeing some of your workflow is great for me. Thanks so much for the content you create!

  5. Juan Pisula Avatar

    hey dan are you gonna split this stream into small videos as you have done with other subjects?

    PD: thank you for all the vids you have uploaded! It really has helped me getting into this creative programming thing that is totally awesome!

  6. Tsskyx Avatar

    In the description you wrote JavaString instead of JavaScript.

  7. Noel Earl Watson Avatar

    In the desciption you wrote
    Javastring string object
    You probably meant javascript

  8. VidSquid Avatar

    This is great. I just started working on a poetry site last week, so this is right up my alley.

  9. Valerio Viperino Avatar

    So happy to be back at school w/ Shiffman! Love the course intents and presentation. Thanks for doing this! 🙂

  10. Cong Nguyen Avatar

    27k+ sub , congrats

  11. Mool Avatar

    watching this on 2x speed is hands down the funniest shit ever rofl

  12. Jam inPie Avatar

    nice ! can i have one CR laptop sticker ? hehe please ~

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