Live Stream #68: Session 8, Part 3 – Programming from A to Z

Today’s session is a Part 3 of “How to build an API with node.js”

This live stream covers the subject of Sentiment Analysis. Using the AFINN-111 word list (linked below), I add functionality to the API example that analyzes the valence (positive vs negative) of a given text input. I also cover the difference between HTTP Get and Post requests.

15:40 – Intro to this week’s topic
25:08 – Processing Foundation Fellowship
34:42 – Coding Challenge: Sentiment Analysis Part 1
50:59 – Coding Challenge: Sentiment Analysis Part 2
1:15:31 – HTTP POST Method
1:59:06 – Conclusion/Q&A

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11 responses to “Live Stream #68: Session 8, Part 3 – Programming from A to Z”

  1. Matjaž Hladnik Avatar

    You should put the whole text to lowercase and not use this function inside a for loop.

  2. Atinesh Singh Avatar

    Hi Daniel, Is it your favourite shirt.

  3. Testingsomecrazystuff Avatar

    isn't "foreach" loop working literally the same as "for"? Foreach is a lot more readable and easy to understand compare to for. Also for requires a little bit more typing and thinking… 😀


    Why is Session 8 spread out over 3 Sessions? Why not just call then Session 8, 9, 10?

  5. Robert Coyle Avatar

    Nice straight forward code tutorial . thanks.

    Oh,…the Download from GitHub had only a .json file for afinn-111- master. zip So saves some trouble.

  6. Luca Avatar

    why is half of the intro blurred?

  7. Lewby Avatar

    Hello Dan!
    I recently stumbled upon a free game called Ending
    here is the link : (downloadable better than online)
    Anyway, I think it would be awesome if you could make a coding challenge video where you try and recreate this game.

  8. Alex Nicholson Avatar

    Why cant you use "Coding Rainbow" :O

  9. Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto Avatar

    1:40:35 That moment when you realize you missed small things.

  10. James Peter Perrone Jefferies Avatar

    Are the lifestreams the same as the normal videos? Content wise.

  11. Simon Landry Avatar

    Why did you censor Coding rainbow off your livestream? Did I miss something? Kinda makes the theme song very dull.

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