Live Stream #84: Plinko with Matter.js

This episode is a three part coding challenge. I attempt to make Plinko with two JavaScript libraries: p5.js for rendering and the Matter.js for physics.

15:19 – Coding Challenge: Plinko Part 1
51:13 – Coding Challenge: Plinko Part 2
1:27:20 – Coding Challenge: Plinko Part 3
1:53:36 – Q&A/Conclusion

Edited videos from this live stream coming soon!

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20 responses to “Live Stream #84: Plinko with Matter.js”

  1. Lanky Smurph Avatar

    Why not just install atom-live-server?

  2. Muhammad Rifqi Priyo Susanto Avatar

    32:20 Instead of writing newParticle() function both in setup() and draw(), you can change from frameCount % 60 == 0 to be frameCount % 60 === 1. But, it depends on what you want, too. 🙂

  3. endofmysteries Avatar

    thanks for giving me the introduction to Matter.js! that's a really cool thing to learn and use!

  4. endofmysteries Avatar

    lmao @ the reading numbers with the lullaby music

  5. e r Avatar

    It would be great if you could do a coding challenge in Java or make some Java tutorials

  6. Tzisorey Tigerwuf Avatar

    Two kittens are sitting on a roof – which one falls off first? The one with the smallest mew (mu)

  7. Sahil Joshi Avatar

    Where is the video with the Setup tour????? Can someone please share that link

  8. Hank X Avatar

    BTW 9:55 for the actual stream to start 🙂


    make that 15:00 haha

  9. Hank X Avatar

    wait you have kids? so much we dont know lol

  10. Nola1222 Avatar

    Someone must make a song from that YOU OVER THERE YOU OVER THERE

  11. Vigasaurus Avatar

    is this on github yet? or will it come with the videos?

  12. Daniel Avatar

    The only reason why you don't have a million subscribers yet is because 800 thousand people still don't know the channel. Keep up the great work and sure you will make it.

  13. Radek Wysocki Avatar

    Like this if you been here for #BringTheMugBack

  14. DarishaSelivan Avatar

    Why does the first ball go one way, but the second one goes the other and the rest stick to this path? Is it the same problem as in the previous video, where the first couple of cubes went through the "floor"? (the example at ~ 45:05)

  15. alekmoth Avatar

    You really shouldnt advocate the splice and i– I dont think you are doing anyone any favors by doing that over a simple : particles.filter((p) => p.isOffScreen());

  16. alekmoth Avatar

    Instead of "increasing" gravity, try setting a density of 100 to the balls. And definitively set frameRate to 60. And tell Matter.js what the deltaTime is

  17. dukestt Avatar

    Whats the thing with the numbers?

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